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The Art of Repairing Your Truck Fast in DRC

What do you do when your truck breaks down — the only one that can steer through the cratered tracks, thick mud and dense jungle that defines driving in DRC — and the spare parts you need are located a continent away?

WFP Syria: Delivery at Dawn

Reaching Syrian refugees has been a collaborative effort by the entire humanitarian community. WFP is working with partners to ensure delivery of vital assistance, and Zaatari Camp in Jordan is one of these examples.


The Somalia ‘Time Charter’ Vessel Fills a Critical Humanitarian Gap

In times of an emergency where speed is of the essence, the ability to move humanitarian cargo to the most vulnerable communities is paramount.

Photo Gallery: WFP and Renault Trucks Together on a Road Trip

WFP and Renault Trucks have teamed up to enhance WFP’s fleet capacities in Eastern Africa. WFP mechanics in various countries will learn about advanced truck repair and maintenance from Renault Truck experts. Maintaining WFP’s own fleet of heavy duty and all-terrain trucks helps us deliver life-saving food to the most remote and inaccessible places.

South Sudan: Reaching the Unreachable

 WFP has to mobilise the country's road, river and air networks to reach the most remote places in the world's newest country.

Responding to an 'Emergency' at the Logistics Response Team Training

The water is out again. No showers! Who knows if this a coincidence, or perhaps a part of the simulation? We can’t be sure; the scenario has to be realistic as possible... In the fictitious country of Brindland, a natural disaster has devastated the population, damaged infrastructure, and in some cases, has cut off the humanitarian community from getting aid to the most remote and hard-to-reach populations.

UPS Supports WFP Emergency Response in DRC

On December 3rd, WFP air support staff in Entebbe, Uganda, welcomed a UPS-donated flight carrying 92mt of High Energy Biscuits (HEBs). These will go to assist vulnerable populations uprooted by conflict in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

Teaching the nuts and bolts of truck repair in Juba

A whiteboard sits in the middle of a shipping container that’s been converted into a classroom. On it is a list of words: ‘Relay, Battery, Sensor, Alternator, Fuse, Starter.’ A group of students watches and listens as two teachers explain the intricacies and understandings of how currents travel through a truck engine.

WFP and Renault Trucks are on a road trip!

Starting on 29 October 2012, WFP and Renault Trucks have together embarked on a three-month journey. What's this all about? Read more to find out!

Managing a Warehouse in East Darfur

Aziza is the only female storekeeper at the WFP sub-office in El Daien, East Darfur State, Sudan, a place where WFP provides food assistance to 156,000 people per year. With such a large number of Darfurians depending on WFP, staff members like Aziza are essential to ensuring that the right amount of food is delivered to the right number of people. We had the chance to hear about her job in East Darfur, and what it means to be the last staffer to send off WFP food for delivery.