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Dadaab refugee camp through a logistician's eyes

Consolata Kwadi, "Conso" for short, has been working with WFP as a Logistics Officer at Dadaab refugee camp since March 2005. A self-proclaimed "logistician for life", Conso tells us that Dadaab is nothing like it was when she began there.

After two decades of life-saving airdrops, "Loki" airbase closes

A little over two decades ago, it was a small sleepy village in a northern region in Kenya, 20km from the border of southern Sudan. In 1989, it was established and managed by WFP as a strategic airbase under “Operation Lifeline Sudan” (OLS).

Fighting cyclones, floods and drought in Madagascar

Off the coast of Mozambique situated in the Indian Ocean lies an island full of natural beauty and diverse landscape: central highlands, desert-like plains, rainforests and white, sandy beaches. 

OPERATION: Urgent Airlift

At nearly 2,500km away in the WFP country office in Niamey, Niger, Halima Ida-Issa, Officer-in-Charge of the Logistics Unit, is speaking with her team members on how to deliver 240mt of rice to the city of Monrovia, Liberia

WFP Logistics brings life-saving assistance to Côte d’Ivoire

Imagine that you are the Head of Logistics in Côte d’Ivoire, assigned to coordinate and manage an emergency operation which will deliver food assistance to over 220,000 people.  There are many moving parts which must be coordinated, all the while considering the current instability of the country’s security situation. 

Loyo, Kenya: a Story of Women's Empowerment

As a volunteer at the Loyo Food Distribution Point (FDP) in central Turkana, Kenya, Amase has been distributing WFP food assistance to beneficiaries for 10 years.  A native Kenyan, she found her way to the village of Loyo when fighting broke out in her hometown in Todonyang  along the Kenyan/Ethiopian border, and she lost everything – including her husband.

A Gateway to Safe Passage

Early in the morning on April 3rd, the first trucks start to arrive as the sun rises over the WFP Logistics Depot in Abéché, Chad.

Calm, Serene -- and a Logistics Master

He has an unassuming appearance. With a calm and serene disposition, and dressed in worn jeans with a rustic plaid button-down, you wouldn’t guess Peter Schaller to be the man behind WFP’s entire humanitarian aid effort of the intense Pakistan floods in August 2010. But his passion for the work he does and the people whose lives he works to save is undeniable.

From Holidays to Emergency Operations: The Life of a WFP Logistician

Omar Ali, the former Logistics Coordinator for WFP Libya, was on vacation when WFP began mobilizing its expert logisticians to North Africa. He had just returned to Headquarters, fresh from holidays.

10 Reasons to Repair Roads in South Sudan

The impact of the South Sudan Road Project reaches far beyond delivering food aid.  The vast majority of all commercial and humanitarian activities as well as the delivery of social services by the Government of Southern Sudan have directly benefited from the WFP roads programme.  Here’s how.