Logistics Expertise

Responding to emergencies is what WFP does best -- and is oftentimes the first agency on the ground. While this is indeed WFP’s strong suit, much research has been conducted in order to identify areas for improvement -- and enhancing the skills and knowledge of WFP logisticians has been a key element.

Strengthening the capacity and coordination of emergency response, however, goes beyond Logistics and even WFP. To this extent, WFP Logistics has undertaken several capacity building initiatives aimed at developing the response of the humanitarian community, opening the door to a truly collective response.


WFP has developed a comprehensive training catalogue that focuses on different skills and competencies required to tackle the logistics challenges of the humanitarian environment. These programmes serve WFP as well as other organizations and institutions at international and local levels. 

Since 2007, WFP Logistics has delivered:

  • 24 emergency simulation exercises
  • 25 technical training sessions
  • Over 1800 humanitarians trained
  • More than 40 organizations represented

While the people we train all come from different backgrounds, have different levels of logistics knowledge and expertise, they all share a common interest in improving their performance to save lives. With an extensive library of learning modules, hands-on exercises and case studies, we are able to tailor each training to the specific needs and level of our target audience. For more information on training offered by WFP Logistics, please download our training brochure or contact us at logistics.training@wfp.org.