WFP Logistics and Standby partners

Standby Partners (SBP) are organizations, including Government Agencies, NGOs and foundations, who have signed an agreement with WFP to maintain a roster of rapidly deployable staff and equipment to support WFP emergency operations, namely in order to meet surge capacity at the onset of an emergency.

Standby Partners provide:

  • A roster of personnel with specialized competencies.
  • Service packages including staff and equipment, such as base camps, bridge modules, mine action teams and truck fleets.

Augmenting WFP’s response to emergencies remains the core business of SBPs, with deployments normally ranging between 3 to 6 months. SBPs’ support is requested when:

  • WFP needs to rapidly and/or temporarily increase staffing levels (such as during an emergency response) and there is not sufficient in-house surge capacity to meet the operational requirements.
  • WFP needs particular technical skills for a limited period only. The technical skills are normally those which WFP does not have in-house, such as engineers, specific IT profiles or protection experts.  

Since 2008, over 650 SBP deployments have strengthened WFP’s emergency response operations in over 40 countries.

For more information, please write to: standypartners @ wfp. org