Belita Carlito: An image of hope

    18/04/2015 — Airdrops

    Belita Carlito and her family are among 300,000 people who were displaced from their homes by floods that affected the northern and central provinces of Mozambique from January onwards. After the initial shock, their lives

  • One Month Since Malawi’s Disaster Declaration

    Women and Children - Malawi - HEB

    20/02/2015 — Airdrops

    One month after historic floods engulfed much of southern Malawi in January 2015, devastating the lives and livelihoods of hundreds of thousands, WFP continues to respond to the crisis by providing food assistance to flood-affected

  • South Sudan: ‘We Harvested Some Crops, But It Is Not Enough’

    Nyanduth Jiech

    26/09/2014 — Airdrops

    Conflict in South Sudan has hurt many families' ability to grow crops, and has left markets empty. WFP and our partner agencies have mounted an intensive humanitarian asistance operation that has brought relief to many remote

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  • 18/08/2017 — Airdrops

    The Skies Over Syria

    Success in Syria! WFP & SARC (Syrian Arab Red Crescent) have completed the 300th high-altitude airdrop delivering food to 100,000 people in Deir Ezzor.

  • 30/05/2017 — Airdrops

    Syria, 250 Airdrops

    This week, WFP completed its 250th airdrop of life-saving food to support 100K people trapped in the besieged city of Deir Ezzor, Syria.

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  • WFP Year in Review 2016

    WFP Year in Review 2016
    The Year in Review describes WFP’s actions and achievements in serving people’s emergency, recovery and development needs in 2016. It covers WFP’s provision of vital,...
  • 2016 in Review - WFP-EU Partnership

    2016 in Review -  WFP-EU Partnership
    As the WFP and European Union continue to work closely together towards Zero Hunger, changing lives, investing in futures, and leaving no one behind are...
  • Fact Sheets & Infographics

    2016 - Aviation Operational Snapshot Jan- June 2016

    2016 - Aviation Operational Snapshot Jan- June 2016
    Between January and June 2016, WFP Aviation moved 8,808 mt of cargo through airlifts and airfreights. During the same period, the United Nations Humanitarian Air...
  • 2016 - WFP Aviation

    2016 -  WFP Aviation
    WFP Aviation supports the humanitarian community’s response to multiple complex emergencies through a combination of airlifts, airfreights and airdrops. ...

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