Capacity Building


  • USAID Support Boosts Income For Malawian Farmers

    16/12/2016 — Capacity Building

    Using a contribution from USAID specifically for local maize purchase, WFP purchased 30 metric tons of maize directly from the Chigonthi Farmers Organization in mid-2016 which it then delivered to food-insecure households as part of its current

  • Republic of Korea and WFP Help Develop Resilience and Livelihoods

    24/10/2016 — Capacity Building

    In Tanzania, about 80 percent of the population depend on agriculture and often irregular rain patterns for their livelihood. The weather can be harsh and unpredictable with seasonal rain patterns being capable of resulting in damaging

  • Philippines: Equipping a New Generation in Disaster Preparedness

    Philippines - DRR youth volunteers

    10/08/2016 — Capacity Building

    In San Joaquin, Iloilo, young people play a big role in community disaster preparedness and response, as well as climate change projects.


  • 16/03/2016 — Capacity Building

    Cuba: WFP and Sustainable Agriculture

    This project benefits 1,500 Cuban farmers with the support of WFP and funding from Canada. Its two goals: Increase the farmers' bean production --Cuba's main staple food--to provide the grain quality needed to prepare hot meals provided through the national safety nets to approximately 61,000 people in schools, retirement homes and maternity centres in the two provinces where the project is under implementation.

  • 17/02/2016 — Capacity Building

    Food Secure, Future Secure

    In Odisha, India, WFP is supporting the Government in the transformation of the Targeted Public Distribution System. The transformation, in-line with the National Food Security Act, is aimed at minimizing leakages, improving transparency, empowering beneficiaries, and helping  stakeholders make informed public policy decisions.

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