Climate Change


  • USAID Support Boosts Income For Malawian Farmers

    16/12/2016 — Climate Change

    Using a contribution from USAID specifically for local maize purchase, WFP purchased 30 metric tons of maize directly from the Chigonthi Farmers Organization in mid-2016 which it then delivered to food-insecure households as part of its current

  • Smokeless Stoves Cook School Meals in Zambia

    03/11/2016 — Climate Change

    Bulungu Combined School – just outside Mumbwa town in Zambia’s Central Province - uses adapted stoves that reduce the amount of firewood required to cook school meals for the pupils, and the amount of smoke

  • Fuel Efficient Stoves Are Saving Time and Trees in Burundi

    Producing fuel efficient stoves

    31/10/2016 — Climate Change

    In Gitega province, central Burundi, WFP is supporting the making and use of fuel efficient stoves by the rural community. The pilot project is funded by the German Government and has been welcomed by the

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  • 13/06/2017 — Climate Change SHOTLIST (PDF)

    New WFP Video Highlights the Continued Risk of Famine in Nigeria (For the Media)

    WFP urgently needs US$172 million for its operations as the lean season hits northeastern Nigeria, driving up food prices, depleting the meagre resources of millions of people affected by conflict and intensifying hunger.  The crisis risks worsening as torrential rains make roads impassable, cutting off food assistance to the neediest and most remote places.

  • 16/05/2017 — Climate Change

    WFP's SAFE Programme - Saving lives through SAFE cooking

    Access to cooking fuel involves numerous safety, health, and environmental risks for food insecure, crisis-affected populations. The World Food Programme's Safe Access to Fuel and Energy, or SAFE, initiative has reached over 6 million people in 18 countries, meeting a target set in 2009. The aim is now to help 10 million people safely prepare their meals by 2020. 

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  • WFP Year in Review 2016

    WFP Year in Review 2016
    The Year in Review describes WFP’s actions and achievements in serving people’s emergency, recovery and development needs in 2016. It covers WFP’s provision of vital,...
  • 2016 in Review - WFP-EU Partnership

    2016 in Review -  WFP-EU Partnership
    As the WFP and European Union continue to work closely together towards Zero Hunger, changing lives, investing in futures, and leaving no one behind are...
  • 2017 - WFP's Policy on Climate Change

    2017 - WFP's Policy on Climate Change
    The Climate Change Policy articulates WFP’s contribution to national and global efforts to reduce climate change impacts on hunger, including strengthening resilience of vulnerable communities...
  • 2017 - The impacts of climate change on food security and livelihoods in Karamoja

    2017 - The impacts of climate change on food security and livelihoods in Karamoja
    Karamoja’s population is highly dependent on subsistence agriculture, which is sensitive to climate conditions, making agriculture one of the most vulnerable sectors to the impacts...

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