Coping Strategies


  • Haiti: How WFP Builds Resilience

    Haiti: Cash for Assets- Ravine Suzette

    07/02/2014 — Coping Strategies

    Rural farming communities in Haiti are vulnerable to floodwaters that wash away top soils and in some cases destroy their entire livelihoods. In 2014, WFP is renewing its commitment to help communities in Haiti protect

  • Honduras: Thousands of Families Hit by Coffee Rust to Receive WFP Support

    Honduras: WFP Will Support 8,362 Families Affected By The Coffee Rust Crisis

    01/07/2013 — Coping Strategies

    An estimated 100,000 jobs across Honduras have been lost as a result of the current Coffee Rust plague. A WFP-AHPROCAFE-IHCAFE partnership aims to assure the food security of coffee producers and their families who were

  • Cash In Kenya Help Create Food Security

    Using cash to build resilience and improve food security-main pic for webstory

    23/05/2012 — Coping Strategies

    WFP is working with communities on a variety of asset-creation projects - rainwater harvesting for human and livestock use, soil and water conservation, rehabilitation of degraded land and the production of drought-tolerant crops. These assets

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  • 16/12/2013 — Coping Strategies SHOTLIST (PDF)

    WFP Scales Up Its Syria Emergency Operation (For The Media)

    As fighting in Syria continues, WFP is appealing for close to US$2 billion to assist over 7 million Syrians in urgent need of food assistance in 2014.

  • 20/08/2013 — Coping Strategies

    Haitians Pave Their Own Path To Paradise

    Haiti's lush forests have all but disappeared in the wake of heavy charcoal logging. That spells disaster for an island in hurricane alley, where flooding and droughts are common. The destruction of homes, crops and buildings is one cause of the country’s high levels of malnutrition. WFP Video Producer Jonathan Dumont recently visited Haiti to find out how projects run with the support of the European Union are helping Haitians turn that around.

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