• Joining efforts for disaster risk reduction in the Caribbean

    Cuba-Haiti SSC

    31/05/2016 — Cuba

    When a natural disaster hits, the impact is inevitable and usually leaves in its path high levels of destruction with long-term consequences. The better a country is prepared, the better it will respond to help

  • Diary of an Exchange to Promote Learning on Food Sustainability

    Diary of an Exchange to Promote Learning on Food Sustainability

    04/04/2016 — Cuba

    A Cuban team participated in a one-week visit to El Salvador for a knowledge exchange on how to link social protection programmes to local smallholder agriculture production. Cooperative’s managers and farmers, national and local government

  • 6 Facts About Food Security In Cuba

    Cuba 10 facts

    22/03/2016 — Cuba

    Here are six things to know to understand the food and nutrition situation in Cuba. Please help the World Food Programme (WFP) raise awareness by sharing these facts on Twitter.

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  • 16/03/2016 — Cuba

    Cuba: WFP and Sustainable Agriculture

    This project benefits 1,500 Cuban farmers with the support of WFP and funding from Canada. Its two goals: Increase the farmers' bean production --Cuba's main staple food--to provide the grain quality needed to prepare hot meals provided through the national safety nets to approximately 61,000 people in schools, retirement homes and maternity centres in the two provinces where the project is under implementation.

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  • Technical Guidance for the Joint Approach to Nutrition and Food Security Assessment (JANFSA)

    This Joint Approach for Nutrition and Food Security Assessment (JANFSA) guidance is designed for professionals and organizations intending to carry out integrated nutrition and food...
  • The Market Monitor

    The Market Monitor
    This bulletin provides information on price changes for the most commonly consumed staples and their potential impacts on the cost of the basic food basket. ...
  • Gender - Guidelines: Gender and Food Security Analysis

    Gender - Guidelines: Gender and Food Security Analysis
    The VAM gender analysis standards support staff engaged in food security and nutrition analysis in their role to provide information necessary to design, implement and...
  • Seasonal Monitor

    Seasonal Monitor
    The WFP Seasonal Monitor examines satellite imagery of rainfall and vegetation in order to assess the development of the growing season and how such conditions might impact the lives and livelihoods of the...

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