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  • 11/05/2012 — El Salvador

    For Struggling Mother, The Answer Is On The Farm

    Working many hours a day in an office far from home, Karla Trujillo was losing touch with her children and with her roots in farming. So she decided to change her life. She gave up her job, went back to the family farm in western El Salvador and began learning how to get more out of farming. The training she received through the Purchase for Progress initiative, coordinated by WFP, has already produced huge dividends - in every part of her life.

  • 03/11/2011 — El Salvador SHOTLIST (PDF)

    Central America Floods (For The Media)

    Recurrent natural disasters are exacerbating the food security situation of both rural and urban populations in Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua, which are also suffering the impact of high food prices.

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    Seasonal Monitor
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    Seguridad Alimentaria Urbana, Abril 2017
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    Operation Evaluations Series, Regional Synthesis 2013-2017: Latin America and the Caribbean Region
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