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Hunger in the news
31 December 2008

North Korea issues New Year denuclearization pledge

reeted the New Year by repeating its pledge to rid the peninsula of nuclear weapons and hinting it could work with Barack Obama when he becomes the U.S. president, editorials said on Thursday. The communist North, which uses joint editorials in its state newspapers on New Year's Day to lay out its policy priorities for the year, also pledged to rebuild its faltering economy and improve the quality of life for its 23 million people. [...] North Korea relies on food handouts from international aid agencies such as the U.N. World Food Program, while the United States in 2008 pledged to provide major food aid.
Boston Globe Reuters
Hunger in the news
30 December 2008

IMF argues for large stimulus packages

Across-the-board tax cuts or bail-outs of troubled industries such as the automotive sector are likely to waste government money while doing little to stimulate the global economy, the International Monetary Fund warned
Financial Times
Hunger in the news
30 June 2006

Congo-Brazzaville: 'Simmering Discontent' Ahead of Elections

Barely two weeks before presidential elections in the Republic of Congo, Marcel Kombo decided to send his wife and children away from Brazzaville. (..) Primary school enrolment, which used to be almost 100 percent, had by the end of the war dropped to less than 60 percent, according to the UN World Food Programme, which in May expanded its school-feeding programme in the Pool [region].
All Africa
Hunger in the news
25 June 2000

Many Children in Niger Acutely Malnourished

A United Nations survey shows a marked deterioration in the nutritional status of children in Niger. The World Food Program and UN Children's Fund, which carried out the annual nutritional assessment, are urgently appealing to the international community for help in combating rising malnutrition rates among Niger's children. The UN agencies find the situation of children in Niger is far worse now than it was 12 months ago when their last nutritional assessment was issued.

VOA News (USA)


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