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  • 13/12/2013 — Livelihoods

    Unlocked Credit Lines Allow Poor Tanzanian Farmers To Invest In Vineyard

    In Dodoma, Tanzania, a group of poor smallholder farmers is planting grapes and setting up a vineyard in a bid to pull themselves out of poverty. It's a project they hope will ensure they and their families have an income for the next 30 years. To get started, they needed advance financing and credit to buy tools and fertilisers. WFP, IFAD and FAO have been working together to help them get this credit, encouraging the sort of 'financial inclusion' that is key to ensuring long-term food security in the region.

  • 23/07/2013 — Livelihoods SHOTLIST (PDF)

    Ten years into the Darfur conflict (For The Media)

    WFP has so far raised only US$180 million out of its operational budget of US$397 million to be able to feed 3.9 million conflict-affected people in Sudan. Despite a good harvest in 2012, food security remains fragile and is threatened by a combination of conflict, insecurity and high food prices.

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