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23 July 2014
WFP Reaches Out To Conflict-Affected People In Gaza

Two weeks of escalated violence have left more than 115,000 people in the Gaza Strip in urgent need of food assistance. The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) has already reached over 100,000 with emergency food rations since the crisis started but is running low on ready-to-eat food stocks as needs continue to increase. Read more

22 July 2014
50 Times More Food Moved By Air As WFP Tackles Multiple Emergencies

“Dealing with simultaneous emergencies in three countries – the Central African Republic, South Sudan and Syria – meant calling on our deep expertise in tough places and WFP’s ability to scale up swiftly  to deliver life-saving supplies to people in desperate need. Thankfully, our donors have supported this effort.” Read more

Cesar Arroyo, Chief WFP Aviation

17 July 2014
WFP Distributes Food During Ceasefire In Gaza

“The food needs in Gaza are urgent. We are seeing the effectiveness of WFP’s food assistance programmes, which provides the opportunity for a rapid response and flexibility to scale-up emergency food assistance if the need arises,” Read more

WFP Country Director Pablo Recalde.

11 July 2014
WFP Providing Food To Refugees Fleeing Violence In Nigeria

“Local communities have helped as much as they can but these refugees are in dire need of food and other assistance. We have found worrying levels of malnutrition, especially among children. Addressing this is a priority for WFP and our humanitarian partners,” . Read more

Jacques Roy, WFP’s representative in Cameroon.

8 July 2014
UNICEF and WFP Stepping Up Assistance To Desperate People In Remote Areas Of South Sudan

“Experienced humanitarian staff returning from deep field locations report conditions worse than they have ever seen. The work of these teams is critical if we are to avert a hunger catastrophe. We urgently need funds and partners to be able to expand coverage and establish a fixed presence in remote areas to support food and nutrition activities if we are to have any chance of avoiding an impending disaster.” Read more


Joyce Luma, WFP Country Director in South Sudan. 

4 July 2014
Cameroon: Alarming levels of malnutrition among refugee children and women from Central African Republic

“It is no exaggeration to say this nutrition crisis has well surpassed critical level. WFP is implementing an aggressive response to ensure the absolute maximum nutrition support.’ Read more


Gian Carlo Cirri, WFP Cameroon Country Director a.i.

2 July 2014
Children In South Sudan Cannot Wait For Famine Before World Acts

"WFP, UNICEF and our partners here on the ground have been working tirelessly to bring assistance to those suffering the consequences of this conflict and we are ready to do more and to reach more. But if we are to rapidly expand our operations and save more lives, then we need more resources, and the international community has to act now.". Read more

Executive Director Ertharin Cousin

1 July 2014
Heads Of WFP & UNHCR Issue Urgent Appeal As Food Shortages Hit Nearly 800,000 Refugees In Africa

“Many refugees in Africa depend on WFP food to stay alive and are now suffering because of a shortage of funding. So we are appealing to donor governments to help all refugees – half of whom are children – have enough food to be healthy and to build their own futures.” Read more


Executive Director Ertharin Cousin

25 June 2014
WFP Executive Director Assesses Humanitarian Needs In Northern Iraq

“Yet again, another humanitarian crisis hits war-torn Iraq, disproportionately and negatively impacting the hungry poor. The most vulnerable and poorest families have already experienced their share of tragedy over the last few years. Many are displaced in very harsh conditions.  Lack of services, support and insecurity is forcing them to move around – in too many cases making these families difficult to reach.” Read More


Executive Director Ertharin Cousin

4 June 2014
End Suffering Of Women, Children Fleeing Into Cameroon From C.A.R. – UNHCR, WFP

“Women and children are arriving in Cameroon in a shocking state, after weeks, sometimes months, on the road, foraging for food. This is the most recent tragedy resulting from the escalating bloodshed that has torn C.A.R. apart. We must all act now or more children will needlessly suffer. We must intervene to save lives and prevent a worsening situation. After they finally escape the danger they faced in C.A.R., children and women who flee must not die from malnutrition”. Read more


Executive Director, Ertharin Cousin

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