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1 July 2014
Heads Of WFP & UNHCR Issue Urgent Appeal As Food Shortages Hit Nearly 800,000 Refugees In Africa

“Many refugees in Africa depend on WFP food to stay alive and are now suffering because of a shortage of funding. So we are appealing to donor governments to help all refugees – half of whom are children – have enough food to be healthy and to build their own futures.” Read more


Executive Director Ertharin Cousin

25 June 2014
WFP Executive Director Assesses Humanitarian Needs In Northern Iraq

“Yet again, another humanitarian crisis hits war-torn Iraq, disproportionately and negatively impacting the hungry poor. The most vulnerable and poorest families have already experienced their share of tragedy over the last few years. Many are displaced in very harsh conditions.  Lack of services, support and insecurity is forcing them to move around – in too many cases making these families difficult to reach.” Read More


Executive Director Ertharin Cousin

4 June 2014
End Suffering Of Women, Children Fleeing Into Cameroon From C.A.R. – UNHCR, WFP

“Women and children are arriving in Cameroon in a shocking state, after weeks, sometimes months, on the road, foraging for food. This is the most recent tragedy resulting from the escalating bloodshed that has torn C.A.R. apart. We must all act now or more children will needlessly suffer. We must intervene to save lives and prevent a worsening situation. After they finally escape the danger they faced in C.A.R., children and women who flee must not die from malnutrition”. Read more


Executive Director, Ertharin Cousin

19 May 2014
Jose Mourinho Joins Push For Zero Hunger As New WFP Ambassador

“Supporting the work of the World Food Programme on the frontlines of hunger is a personal decision about a cause that is very close to the hearts of me and my family. If we can harness the spirit and the will to address the nutritional needs of the poor, then we have a real chance of ending hunger in our lifetimes. Read more


Ambassador Against Hunger, Jose Mourinho

19 May 2014
WFP Scales Up Emergency Response To Flood Victims In The Balkans

The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) today sent a second batch of emergency relief items to Serbia where severe floods have affected some 600,000 people, following the heaviest rains the Balkans have witnessed in 120 years. Read more

16 May 2014
Building Resilience Critical to End Hunger and Undernutrition by 2025

“Resilience will pay dividends for fragile communities who today face environmental, economic, and nutritional bankruptcy. For people in communities affected by droughts, floods, and other shocks, a resilience approach allows comprehensive action that both restores the productivity of people’s land and significantly improves their well-being. Empowering resilient families to withstand shocks can reduce—even by half—the likelihood that children will become malnourished.” Read more


Executive Director, Ertharin Cousin

16 May 2014
Cross-Border Convoy Moves Food Aid Into Northeast Syria As Access Constraints Intensify

AMMAN – The United Nations World Food Programme has started moving more food supplies from Turkey into northeast Syria through the Nusaybin border crossing point to assist displaced families cut off from food supplies in Al-Hassakeh governorate. Read more

14 May 2014
Editor-In-Chief Of Vogue Italia Franca Sozzani Named WFP Ambassador Against Hunger

“We are grateful to Franca Sozzani for choosing WFP and the fight against hunger as her priority commitment in the humanitarian world. In her role as a journalist and editor of leading fashion magazines, Sozzani has always paid great attention to the potential of girls and women in Africa and their empowerment through professional trainings and education” Read more


Executive Director, Ertharin Cousin

7 May 2014
WFP Airlifts Fuel To Bangui To Keep Life-Saving Aid Flowing In C.A.R.

“This airlift adds a huge additional cost to our operations in C.A.R., but we had no choice. Hundreds of thousands of people need our assistance in Bangui and in the interior of the country, and UNHAS is essential to the entire humanitarian community,” Read more


Denise Brown, WFP Regional Director for West Africa.

2 May 2014
UNHCR And WFP Warn: Fighting Is Preventing Aid Delivery In South Sudan

JUBA – The UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and the UN World Food Programme (WFP) are calling on the parties to the conflict in South Sudan to provide safe access to enable humanitarian assistance to reach vulnerable people including 125,000 Sudanese refugees in Maban County, Upper Nile State. Read more

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