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8 April 2014
WFP Congratulates His Highness The Amir Of Kuwait On Being Honoured By UN Secretary-General

“The United Nations Secretary-General has presented His Highness with a certificate of appreciation for his tremendous efforts, and I also cannot stress too highly what an immense service the Amir has done, not least by hosting two donor conferences for Syria that highlighted to the world the plight of innocent people who have lost everything,” Read more


Executive Director, Ertharin Cousin.


8 April 2014
WFP Dispatches Food For Record Number Of Syrians As Fears Rise About Impact Of Drought

“It has taken a massive effort from WFP and partners to scale up to reach 4 million people in March, but we fear now that a possible drought – if rainfall doesn’t pick up – could put the lives of millions more at risk. Syria suffered from five years of drought right before the conflict broke out and vulnerable communities in affected areas hardly had time to recover before they were hit by the conflict.” Read more


WFP’s coordinator for the Syrian crisis, Muhannad Hadi

4 April 2014
UN Rome-Based Agencies Reveal Food Security And Nutrition Targets For Post-2015 Agenda

“Food security and nutrition play a critical role in shaping a brighter tomorrow for today's most vulnerable families particularly the children.  Eliminating hunger unlocks the potential of individuals, communities and nations. Achieving these goals will require hardwiring equity into economic growth assuring no one is left behind.” Read more


Executive Director, Ertharin Cousin.

31 March 2014
Rome Agencies Host President Of Liberia For Event On Global Development Agenda

The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) and the World Food Programme (WFP) invite journalists to attend a news conference to mark a special event organised by the Rome-based agencies in honour of Her Excellency Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, President of the Republic of Liberia. Read more

31 March 2014
Heads Of WFP And UNHCR Visit S. Sudan And Ethiopia Amid Alarming Spread Of Hunger And Displacement

"Large-scale population displacement and disruption of markets and trade routes are creating a food security crisis. People are in acute need. Humanitarians require two things: safe access to those in need and the funds to bring in lifesaving supplies – food, shelter, vaccines, healthcare and other aid. Several countries have contributed generously, but at current levels we are only able to cover a fraction of the needs.” Read more


Executive Director Ertharin Cousin

19 March 2014
Forgotten Crisis In Central African Republic Rapidly Deteriorating Into A Neglected Tragedy, WFP Head Warns

“The entire population, not only the displaced, is affected and live in a precarious food situation. The people of CAR particularly women and children need us now. We must act before the rains exacerbate the tragic situation. We must not wait until pictures of skeletal, severely underweight, children document our failure and neglect.” Read more


Executive Director Ertharin Cousin

18 March 2014
WFP Airdrops Food In South Sudan

“We are in a race against time to get assistance to people who are in critical need in places we simply haven’t been able to reach by road or river. Given the level of the conflict, we have known for some time that we would have to move some food by air to some parts of the country, particularly during the rainy season, but we have faced more difficulties than envisioned and now need to deliver more food by air than  planned.” Read more


WFP Country Director Chris Nikoi

10 March 2014
Syria Conflict Enters Fourth Year As Some Food Reaches Previously Inaccessible Areas

“One-off convoys into besieged areas can provide temporary relief, but WFP still needs proper and sustained access to people to provide life-saving assistance and also to assess the scale of the needs” Read more


Amir Abdulla, WFP’s Deputy Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer, in Geneva.

7 March 2014
Empowering Women Will End Hunger: Celebrating Women’s Role In Meeting The Zero Hunger Challenge

“Giving women the power to make choices over their lives is one of the first steps towards a world with zero hunger. In every country where WFP works, women are front and centre in programmes to tackle the problems of food insecurity and undernutrition. We work with women farmers, traders, nutrition workers, school cooks and we serve millions of schoolgirls, pregnant women and nursing mothers.” Read more


WFP Executive Director Ertharin Cousin

25 February 2014
WFP Warns Of Regional Crisis Due To Mass Exodus From Violent Central African Republic

"We are facing a regional crisis, that goes well beyond the borders of the Central African Republic. These people – most of them women and children – have seen their homes burned and witnessed unspeakable violence and had no choice but to leave”. Read more


 WFP’s West Africa Regional Director Denise Brown.

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