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28 January 2013

Syrian Crisis: How WFP Is Helping Families Fleeing Conflict

Humanitarian needs -- especially food -- are growing across Syria. WFP is currently reaching about 1.5 million people every month inside the country. Working with the Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC), we are distributing food both in areas controlled by the government and in areas controlled by the opposition -- even in places where fighting is going on.

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25 January 2013

Nourishing Bodies, Nourishing Minds

WFP is teaming up with UNICEF, UNESCO and partners in the private sector to expand children’s access to education and nutritious food. The “Nourishing Bodies, Nourishing Minds” partnership will focus on four countries marked by high levels of malnutrition and low levels of schooling.

Responding to Emergencies
23 January 2013

WFP To Scale Up In Syria, But Humanitarian Access Is Key

WFP is aiming to scale up to assist more families in Syria, but requires greater humanitarian access in order to reach them, Executive Director Ertharin Cousin said Wednesday during a press conference at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

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22 January 2013

WFP Joins World Leaders At Davos

Political and business leaders will gather in Davos, Switzerland, this week to discuss the world's most pressing issues at the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum. WFP will be there to keep food security and nutrition on the agenda and to explore partnerships that can bring the resources and expertise of the private sector to bear on world hunger.

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21 January 2013

Ethiopia Feeding Itself with Support from WFP’s P4P and School Meals Programmes

Markos and Elias have received school meals from WFP for the past two years, but the lunch they ate one day in November was special. For the first time ever, the students enjoyed a meal made from crops grown just a few kilometers from their school — purchased by WFP directly from Ethiopian farmers.

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17 January 2013

How To Ensure Food Assistance Doesn't Put People In Danger

How can agencies like WFP be sure that food assistance doesn’t jeopardize the safety of the people they're trying to help? This is the question asked by the authors of a new book exploring the measures WFP has taken to keep people safe while providing them with assistance.

Focus on Women
9 January 2013

Haiti: A Clinic is Making a Big Difference 3 Years After the Earthquake

Nutritional assistance provided to people still struggling to rebuild their lives three years after the earthquake helps mothers raise healthy children.

9 January 2013

Haiti: “When the Bell Rings, It’s Like a Traffic Jam”

In Haiti, the World Food Programme provides meals daily to 685,000 children in the country’s schools. The meals help children learn better and encourages them to come to school everyday. In La Saline, like in many other places in Haiti, the school meals programme also provides the guarantee that children get at least a meal a day.

For Individuals
8 January 2013

50 Voices Join WFP To Speak Out Against Global Hunger

The fight against hunger cannot be won alone. That’s why, 50 years after its founding, WFP gathered “50 Takes on Hunger” from leaders in the public and private sectors, from celebrities, athletes and academics, and from a school girl in Kenya who receives WFP food assistance.

4 January 2013

Three People I Met In Haiti

WFP’s Marcela Ossandon was recently in Haiti to see how people were coping in the wake of the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy. While there, she met three Haitians who seemed to sum up the determination and resilience of a nation struggling to build a better future for itself. In this article she describes these people and WFP’s role in helping.