Insecurity Increasing Hunger In Central African Republic (CAR)

Published on 08 August 2013

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The UN World Food Programme (WFP) is scaling-up operations in the Central African Republic (CAR), amid  increasing concerns that ongoing insecurity is fuelling hunger among people who have fled their homes and farms.  Reaching  vulnerable people who are too fearful to return to their villages is one of WFP’s biggest challenges.  
Most of the displaced are farmers who may not be able to return in time for the planting season.  This footage is from a WFP Food distribution at Damara, north of Bangui on the road the rebels swept down to take the capital on 24 March; most people fled in terror amid intense fighting.  Some people at the distribution had been hiding since March.  

Location : Damara, CAR
Shot: 3, August 2013
TRT: 1:24

WFP convoy on the road to Damara (100 km north of Bangui)
Damara, CAR
WFP food distribution to 88 households (409 people). They receive a monthly food ration of: 12 kg maize meal, 1.8 kg pulses, 6 kg oil and salt. WFP currently reaches  200,000 throughout the country and assists 17,800 people in this area. Some have been hiding since March.   They told us the rations were crucial as they are between harvests (the lean season).  The next harvest is in December and although the rains have been good many have not had access to their fields and have had seeds and animals stolen or killed.  

Damara, CAR
SOT:  Housainou Taal, WFP Country Dir. Central Africa Republic
“WFP has responded  immediately, we are currently assisting over 200,000 beneficiaries, our assessments confirmed that there are urgent needs throughout the country and WFP will respond to these needs”.

Damara, CAR
GV of WFP food distribution


According to WFP assessments some 484,000 people in CAR are at risk of food insecurity of whom 130,500 are classified as in urgent need of food aid.  

WFP is currently providing food assistance to 200,000 people in CAR and is preparing to assist an additional 118,000 vulnerable people, including 66,000 children aged 6-36 months to prevent malnutrition.

WFP is also boosting the logistic and telecommunications capacity of the entire humanitarian community to respond to pressing needs.

WFP will provide emergency school meals to 108,500 children as schools reopen in October to help prevent malnutrition and reduce the risk of them being recruited by armed groups.


For more information please contact (email address:
Housainou Taal, WFP Country Director Bangui, Tel. + 236 70 17 82 78
Judith Melby WFP/Dakar, Tel. +221 77 637 5964