Ecuador: Joint Effort to Assist Flood Affected Families

Published on 21 March 2012

GUAYAQUIL–The United Nations World Food Programme announced today that, on the basis of an ongoing technical agreement with the Ecuadorian National Risk Management Secretariat, it bring assistance to families affected by flooding in Ecuador.

WFP’s emergency food assistance consists of 5,600 food rations, high energy biscuits, and permanent technical support. Approximately 25,000 people will benefit from this assistance.
WFP Representative in Ecuador, Deborah Hines, said that “people who suffer from the consequences of this harsh winter need food as a priority. To receive it allows them to face the situation without worrying about their next meal”.

High energy biscuits provided for this emergency provide a person with the recommended daily kilocalories. They can be consumed immediately when an emergency arises. WFP uses this product in emergencies worldwide.
As the leader of the inter-agency emergency team (UNETE), WFP monitors the impacts of winter in Ecuador and offers national authorities its worldwide experience in emergency response.