Pakistan: Operational Update (1 Oct 2010)

Published on 01 October 2010

ISLAMABAD – With severe flooding continuing in the south and increasing needs, WFP is preparing to scale up operations to flood-affected populations in October, with plans to reach 7.1 million people.

WFP began distributing life-saving rations soon after the floods and now aims to provide emergency food assistance to an average of 6 million people each month while transitioning towards early recovery activities.

Operational Update
•    In the month of September, WFP provided food rations for more than six million people in 47 districts, with a daily peak of 440,000 individuals reached on 27 September alone.
•    To date more than 1 million infants and young children have been provided with high energy biscuits and specialised nutritional foods.
•    As the flood waters have receded in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK), early recovery has kicked off . WFP is assisting almost 18,000 families through food for work activities include rehabilitating farmland, roads and irrigation systems destroyed by the floods.
•    To counter food insecurity, seed kits have been distributed to 6,500 flood affected families in KPK (turnips, tomatoes, peas and onions) for their own use and to generate a surplus to sell at market.
•    Prepositioning of essential food items is underway in areas that will become inaccessible during the winter – mainly in KPK,  Gilgit-Baltistan and Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK).
•    The WFP-led Logistics Cluster has delivered more than 3,500 metric tons of food and non food items, including vital medical supplies, to isolated locations in KPK, Sindh and Punjab.
•    WFP had 28 mills under contract before the floods but to meet needs it has upped that to 63 mills across the country. They grind an average 4,500 metric tons of locally-grown wheat into flour every day.
•    While addressing flood needs, WFP has continued to provide food for an additional 1.1 million people displaced by conflict in KPK and FATA under a separate ongoing operation.
•    WFP’s emergency food assistance operation in support of flood-affected communities faces a shortfall of more than US$414 million. 

 For Further Information:
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