Statement by WFP Executive Director on Australia's leadership in the Fight Against Hunger

Published on 26 October 2009

WFP today sealed a ground-breaking partnership with Australia marking a major step forward in the campaign to achieve global food security.

With this bold step the government of Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has demonstrated once again how Australia ‘walks the talk’ on principled humanitarian donorship. Its commitment to generous, predictable and flexible funding for the world’s most vulnerable sets the standard to be followed. This multi-year donation crucially gives WFP the latitude to plan effectively in addressing the root causes of hunger.

At a time of great uncertainty for the world’s hungriest people – when they are being buffeted by the multiple impacts of persistently high food prices, economic crisis and accelerating climate change – Australia’s support will give greater stability to the lives of the most needy.

A key component of the new agreement is dedicated support over the next four years to WFP’s school meal programmes, helping us build food and nutrition safety nets for communities cruelly exposed to hunger.

The agreement provides for US$130 million over four years as cash and an additional US$37 million over four years for school meals.

As a vigorous advocate for comprehensive action on global food security, the Rudd Government has reinforced Australia’s reputation as a true friend of the world’s hungry. WFP is profoundly grateful for this exemplary generosity.