WFP And Turkish Red Crescent Launch Food E-Card Assistance To Syrians In Turkey

Published on 13 October 2012

ANKARA – The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) launched today a food Electronic Card programme in partnership with the Turkish Red Crescent (TRC) to assist thousands of Syrians who are under international protection in Turkey.

The Food e-Card programme will start in five camps, one in Kilis and four in Hatay, initially for 25,000 Syrians, and will then be expanded to include a higher number of families, as cooking facilities and access to shops become available in other camps.

Each Syrian family will receive an electronic Food e-Card that is loaded with 80 Turkish Liras (US$45) per family member per month. This is enough to provide a basic diet (at least 2,100 kcal per person per day).

“The Food e-Card system is an innovative and efficient way of providing food assistance to Syrian families,” says Jean-Yves Lequime, WFP Emergency Coordinator in Turkey. “Most importantly, it allows Syrian families to shop and cook for themselves based on their own tastes and preferences. It also helps support the local economy.”

The Turkish Government has been extremely generous in providing assistance to Syrian families in Turkey and has requested WFP’s intervention, in partnership with the Turkish Red Crescent, to support their efforts through a complimentary food assistance programme.

“The Turkish Red Crescent (TRC) is a pioneering organization that intensively uses modern techniques in its humanitarian assistance,” said Ahmet Lütfi Akar, the President of the TRC.

“Our joint innovative work with WFP is another valuable step forward in enriching the outcome of humanitarian works targeting on our guests. We will work with the beneficiaries through their participation in the implementation of the Food e-Card programme. They will be empowered in undertaking their own needs by their active involvement through the Food e-Card programme. Another advantage in this programme is the contribution to the local economy through an increase in the volume of commercial activities,” he added.

Around 100,000 Syrians are currently registered in Turkey, and the numbers are increasing every day. The majority of Syrians under international protection in Turkey are coming from Aleppo and other northern cities.

The Food e-Card assistance programme is part of a regional emergency operation to support Syrian families who have fled from the conflict in Syria to Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, and Turkey.

The UN food agency is scaling up its assistance to match the increase in the number of Syrians arriving to these countries and is ready to provide food assistance to up to 460,000 vulnerable people by the end of the year.

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