WFP launches Japanese version of Food Force

Published on 13 October 2005

Food Force, the humanitarian video game produced by WFP, will be launched in Japanese on 17 October. This is the first version of the hugely popular video game in another language other than English.

The Japanese Food Force will be launched as a free download on the Konami site.With the launch, a link to the Konami online site will be established from WFP Japan website.

Famous voices

Actor Hiroshi Fujioka, the famous Japanese action movie star, and actress Aya Hirayama, well known in Japan for her roles in TV dramas, lent support to the game by undertaking the voice-overs for the chief and a member of the WFP Food Force team respectively.

“Many people in the developing world go to bed hungry, unlike us living in Japan,”said Hiroshi Fujioka. “I hope the game will encourage many people in Japan into volunteerism.”

"Pleased to contribute"

“I have been to some countries in need of aid and was touched by what I saw. I am pleased to have been able to contribute by undertaking the voice-over,” said Aya Hirayama.

“I did my best, hoping that those who do not know WFP will learn about its activities through this game in Japanese.”

Raising awareness

The game was produced with the aim of raising awareness about world hunger and WFP’s activities.

“Sympathizing with WFP’s fight against hunger and the objective of the game, Konami has cooperated in the localization of the game, maintaining its original concept,” said Kazuya Takahashi, President of the Online Company, Konami Corporation.

“With the Japanese version available, we hope more people will play the game in Japan.”

"Even more attractive"

“We appreciate Konami’s excellent support in producing the Food Force game in Japanese. It was already a hit with over 2 million people downloading the English version, and now has become even more attractive through the collaboration with Mr. Fujioka and Ms. Hirayama,” said Mihoko Tamamura, Director of WFP's office in Japan.

“The Japanese version will help us reach a wider audience in Japan and raise awareness of global hunger. With lesson plans also available in Japanese, we believe this game would also serve as an ideal educational tool at school.”