WFP praises support from corporate partner TNT in tsunami relief effort

Published on 02 August 2005

Colombo WFP in Sri Lanka pays tribute to the committed and unflagging support from corporate partner TNT in the food aid agency\'s relief effort for the country\'s hundreds of thousands of tsunami victims.


COLOMBO - The United Nations World Food Programme in Sri Lanka paid tribute today to the committed and unflagging support from corporate partner TNT in the food aid agency's relief effort for the country's hundreds of thousands of tsunami victims.

WFP Country Director Jeff Taft-Dick said that TNT's quick supply of trucks, aircraft and humanitarian supplies was a key factor in WFP's ability to reach its goal of giving food to 750,000 people in less than three weeks.

"TNT played, and is continuing to play, a vital role in WFP's emergency operation for the survivors of the 26 December tsunami," Taft-Dick said. "TNT's well known expertise in logistics has been invaluable for WFP, especially in the difficult early phase of the crisis."

TNT provided 35 trucks to WFP to get urgently needed food aid to tsunami victims in remote coastal strips of Sri Lanka, Taft-Dick said, noting that these trucks carried almost 10% of the 8,000 tonnes of food the agency has dispatched to the affected coastal areas of the Indian Ocean island nation.

The global express, logistics and mail company also sent an Airbus A300 to Bandaranaike International Airport carrying 34 tonnes of relief cargo including portable "Wilk Hall" warehouses, used to store food aid before it is distributed to the hundreds of thousands of people needing food.

TNT in Sri Lanka previously brought its logistical might and large staff to WFP's benefit in the global "Walk the World" fund-raising event in June 2004. In Sri Lanka, nearly 400 TNT staff joined with WFP in a 5-kilometre charity event that raised some US$3,000 for local school feeding programmes.

"This inspiring partnership between WFP and TNT is an excellent demonstration of the power of corporate responsibility in humanitarian affairs," said Taft-Dick.

He noted that the staunch support from TNT was matched by consumer goods giant Unilever and Janashakthi Insurance. "Their support to WFP's disaster response has re-affirmed for us the exemplary contribution of the corporate sector here in Sri Lanka," said Taft-Dick.

WFP is the largest aid organization in the world.

Each year, WFP provides food aid to an average of 90 million people, including 56 million hungry children, in more than 80 countries.

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