WFP renews partnership with Japan ad council on campagn worth over US$30 million

Published on 30 June 2005

Yokohama WFP welcomes the extension of its partnership with the Japan Advertising Council, through its prestigious public service announcement (PSA) campaign for another year.


YOKOHAMA The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) today welcomed the extension of its partnership with the Japan Advertising Council, through its prestigious public service announcement (PSA) campaign for another year.

"We are profoundly grateful to the Japan Advertising Council for the genuine extraordinary partnership with WFP in support of our school feeding initiatives," said Mihoko Tamamura, Director, WFP Office in Japan. "The PSA campaign will remind us of millions of children in the world quietly suffering from malnutrition."

The new PSA will be broadcast and placed through TV, radio, print media, and billboards, from the beginning of July, following the current campaign which has been running since last July. The value of the annual campaign is estimated as over US$30 million.

One of the world's largest advertising companies, Dentsu, designed and produced the new PSA. The shooting took place at a primary school in Mozambique where WFP provides school meals. Students who receive school meals from WFP appear and sing in the PSA. The main theme of the new PSA is the "twig for life": school kids on their way to school pick up dead twigs, to be used as firewood to cook the school meals which provide them with nutrition and a better chance for education. The TV and radio spots for the new PSA were narrated by the famous Japanese actress, Yuriko Ishida.

In addition to the annual PSA campaign on school feeding, the Japan Advertising Council has been running another PSA in support of WFP's rehabilitation efforts in response to serious natural disasters such as the Indian Ocean tsunami. PSA, which was launched in February, will run until the end of January next year. "This demonstrates the deepest commitment to the humanitarian cause by the Japan Advertising Council and its member corporations," said Tamamura.

The Japan Advertising Council is dedicated to serving the common good through PSA campaigns. It is made up of 1,307 voluntary corporate members, including media organizations, ad agencies, and other business enterprises. PSAs produced by the Japan Advertising Council are printed and/or aired for free by its member media organizations. WFP believes that the PSA campaign through the Japan Advertising Council will make an incredible impact on its efforts to generate support among the people of Japan to wipe out child hunger from the world.

School feeding, which is one of the core activities of WFP, not only gives poor children the chance to learn and thrive, but also serves as a platform for other community-based activities. WFP has been engaged in school feeding for more than 40 years and is the world's largest provider of school meals in developing countries.

In 2004, WFP provided 16.6 million children with school meals in 72 countries and aims to reach 50 million children by end 2007. In poor countries, free, nutritious school meals attract children to school, as well as enhance their performance by allowing them to concentrate on their lessons. School meals also target children in communities which are being devastated by HIV/AIDS rates, including Mozambique where some 300,000 schoolchildren are assisted by WFP at present. The WFP school feeding programme is acknowledged by the Millennium Project as one of the effective "Quick Wins" to achieve the UN Millennium Development Goals, including halving the proportion of hungry people in the world by 2015.

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