News Releases

Official statements announcing key developments in WFP operations and activities.

2 February 2008

French naval escorts assure WFP food supplies to Somalia; Denmark takes over

The World Food Programme today hailed the French navy for protecting WFP food ships from pirate attacks in Somalia, and thanked Denmark for taking over the operation to ensure critical escorts continue for the next two months.
25 January 2008

Food needs persist in cyclone-affected areas in Bangladesh

A new World Food Programme assessment shows that food remains the most urgent priority for many families in cyclone-affected areas.
24 January 2008

Soaring global wheat prices increase hunger for millions of Afghans; WFP asks for US$77 million

WFP and the Government of Afghanistan have urged the international community to fund a sharp increase in needed food assistance for the poor of Afghanistan who cannot afford to pay soaring local prices for wheat, a staple of the Afghan diet.
23 January 2008

Bandity and adbuctions may reduce WFP food supplies for Darfur displaced

A rash of banditry is threatening food supplies to more than two million people in Darfur, raising the possibility that rations will have to be cut, the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) said today.
23 January 2008

Record food purchases by WFP in developing countries

A record 80 percent of the food purchased for cash last year by the world’s largest humanitarian organisation – a total of 2.1 million metric tons valued at more than US$760 million – was bought in developing countries from Afghanistan to Zambia.
15 January 2008

Kenya crisis: second slum food distribution

Kenyan partners have distributed food assistance from the World Food Programme and Government of Kenya for nearly 77,000 people in Nairobi’s slums hit by post-election violence. WFP food was also given to 2,000 Kenyans who fled to Uganda.
11 January 2008

Kenya crisis: WFP food starts to reach Nairobi slums

The Kenya Red Cross Society and local partners start distributing food assistance today from the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) and the Government of Kenya to tens of thousands of people in the Nairobi slums hardest-hit after days of post-election violence.
9 January 2008

WFP Humanitarian Air Service under threat in West Africa

WFP warns that vital air services providing humanitarian support to hundreds of thousands of vulnerable people in West Africa are jeopardised by a shortage of funds.
9 January 2008

WFP, UNICEF team up to meet urgent needs of Gustav victims in Haiti

UNICEF and WFP are joining forces to bring life-saving assistance to thousands of people living in temporary shelters in Haiti after deadly Hurricane Gustav pounded the country, destroying livelihoods, homes, livestock and crops.
6 January 2008

WFP Executive Director visits Cyclone Nargis victims; Calls for greater support

The Executive Director of the United Nations World Food Programme, Josette Sheeran, completed a visit to cyclone-hit Myanmar this weekend with a call for robust support to WFP’s growing relief operation.


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