News Releases

Official statements announcing key developments in WFP operations and activities.

20 April 2006

Kenya's long rains too late for millions in need of aid

WFP warns that despite a good start to the long rains falling in the epicenter of the regional drought, the suffering of millions of nomadic herders and subsistence farmers in Kenya would continue and even deepen.
18 April 2006

Libya makes first donation to WFP - for Darfur, Chad

WFP welcomes its first ever contribution from the Government of the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya.
13 April 2006

WFP appeals for safe passage for food aid amid Nepal's crisis

WFP has appealed to all parties to allow safe passage for food convoys in Nepal.
13 April 2006

WFP evacuates all but key UN staff from crisis-hit Chad

WFP has begun relocating all non-essential UN and NGO staff and their families from N’djamena.
9 April 2006

First WFP food aid ship arrives in Somali port of Mogadishu in more than a decade

A ship chartered by WFP docked yesterday in Mogadishu – the agency’s first delivery in the capital’s port in more than a decade.
8 April 2006

Princess Haya and WFP chief call for more to be done for suffering Lebanese

Her Royal Highness Princess Haya Bint Al Hussein, WFP Goodwill Ambassador, today joined James Morris, WFP Executive Director, on a one-day visit to Lebanese refugees in Syria.
5 April 2006

3.5 million Afghans face critical shortages of food aid

WFP has called on donors to provide urgently needed funds to its Afghanistan operation to ensure food assistance to 3.5 million hungry Afghans, warning that there will be a break in food supplies this month without fresh donations.
4 April 2006

Everest climb to raise awareness of hunger

As the security officer for the WFP in Nepal, Squirrell normally makes many trips to the remote and undeveloped districts of the country, where WFP assists thousands of families each year. To be able to combine ...
31 March 2006

WFP says generous Irish donation will help save lives

WFP has welcomed a donation of €6.2 million from Ireland, noting that the cash – which comes with no conditions as to where or how it may be used – will enable WFP to get food swiftly to hungry people who risk being forgotten by the rest of the international community.
29 March 2006

WFP welcomes first Russian donation to Tajikistan

WFP has welcomed the arrival of a US$6 million contribution from the Government of the Russian Federation to its Protracted Relief and Recovery Operation (PRRO) in Tajikistan.


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