News Releases

Official statements announcing key developments in WFP operations and activities.

19 January 2007

Food aid for children, AIDS and TB patients in Cambodia slashed due to funding shortage

WFP has warned that beginning next month more than 700,000 hungry Cambodians – mostly young children and HIV/AIDS and TB patients – will not receive essential food.
19 January 2007

Super bowl XLI: NFL star Reggie Bush helps tackle hunger in new TV spot

As the New Orleans Saints march towards the National Football League’s NFC Championship, Saints Running Back Reggie Bush is starring off the field by helping WFP raise America’s awareness about global hunger.
17 January 2007

Joint statement on Darfur

Over the last two years the efforts of humanitarian agencies in Darfur have saved the lives of hundreds of thousands of civilians caught up in the region’s conflict.
17 January 2007

New Ghana Logistics hub sends its first emergency airlift to Chad

WFP has launched its first emergency airlift from a new logistics hub in the Ghanaian capital, sending urgently needed relief supplies – 26 tons of High Energy Biscuits and three mobile storage tents – to N’Djamena in Chad.
10 January 2007

Myanmar: WFP food deliveries to resume in Mandalay district

WFP has received assurances that government-imposed restrictions on the movement of WFP food assistance in Myanmar will be lifted, officials of the humanitarian agency have said.
8 January 2007

WFP appeals for US$118 million to massively expand aid in Zimbabwe

WFP has announced that it plans to provide assistance to up to 3.3 million Zimbabweans facing severe food shortages over the next eight months, and called on donors to contribute urgently towards the US$118 million cost of its massively expanded aid operation.
3 January 2007

Hungry best served by combination of food and cash transfers

A paper published by WFP on the benefits of providing food aid or cash transfers to the hungry concludes that both options have advantages in certain circumstances and that the two should be complementary – rather than alternative – responses to food insecurity.
2 January 2007

WFP condemns attack on food aid convoy in eastern Chad

WFP has condemned a kidnapping and armed attack on a WFP-contracted convoy in Eastern Chad early on Sunday (28 January).
29 December 2006

WFP emergency food reaches people affected by massive flooding in Aceh

Within hours of the first reports of devastating floods this week in the Indonesian province of Aceh, WFP moved rapidly to deliver emergency supplies by air and road to some 127,000 displaced people in the hardest hit districts of Aceh Tamiang and Gayo Lues.
27 December 2006

Food blog auction doubles target -- raising US$60,925 for hungry children worldwide

Good ‘giving season’ news for needy children after a food blogger based in San Francisco raised US$ 60,925 for hungry children in the developing world.


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