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Official statements announcing key developments in WFP operations and activities.

24 November 2008

WFP Launches Virtual Wall To Build Online Movement Against Hunger

Rome, 24 November 2008 - WFP is today calling on all sectors of society: students, parents, the young, the old, celebrities, sport stars, and politicians, to fight world hunger by posting their picture on a virtual web wall and to make a donation towards free meals for some of the 59 million children around the world who go to school hungry.
19 November 2008

Sindicatum Carbon Capital Gives Major Donation to WFP for Rural Development in East Indonesia

Jakarta, 19 November 2008 - WFP today welcomed a significant donation from Sindicatum Carbon Capital of US$ 100,000 to support food-for-workprojects in East Indonesia.
30 October 2008

WFP to Provide Food to 20,000 People Displaced by Earthquake in Balochistan

WFP is to provide food assistance to nearly 20,000 people who lost homes and belongings in the earthquake that struck parts of Balochistan province on Wednesday.
28 October 2008

WFP to Assist Hurricane-affected Communities in Cuba

WFP is gearing up to assist 1.78 million Cubans affected by hurricanes Gustav and Ike, which pummeled the island in late August and early September.
22 October 2008

WFP Delivers Nutritional Boost for Somali Children

WFP is to begin delivering emergency supplies of a highly nutritious, peanut-based food to Somalia in a bid to combat the growing threat of severe malnutrition amongst children in the war-ravaged nation.
16 October 2008

Time’s up! WFP stops clock on Hungerbytes competition

Three university students have edged out fierce competition, including a professional filmmaker, to win the first-ever YouTube video contest on hunger, which has attracted more than half a million views from people all over the world.
9 October 2008

WFP urges Europe to take lead in helping poor farmers

Leaders of the three Rome-based United Nations agencies and the World Bank urged Europe to take the lead in providing assistance to ease the global crisis caused by high food prices.
7 October 2008

WFP welcomes G8 resolve to tackle hunger

The World Food Programme welcomes the commitment shown by global leaders at the G8 summit in Japan to support efforts to soften the impact of high food prices on the poor.
6 October 2008

WFP cuts air service for aid workers in Sudan due to lack of funding

The ability of 14,000 aid workers to travel to Darfur and other parts of Sudan will be reduced with immediate effect due to a lack of funding for the Humanitarian Air Service, WFP announced today.
3 October 2008

Hijackings cut WFP food supplies for Darfur as funding shortfall threatens humanitarian air service

The World Food Programme (WFP) has warned that banditry is delaying vital food deliveries to Darfur while a lack of contributions may ground its Humanitarian Air Service at the end of the month.


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