News Releases

Official statements announcing key developments in WFP operations and activities.

26 August 2005

'Keep Niger on the map' - renewed support urged as world attention wanes

WFP has urged the international community not to turn its back on the continuing suffering in Niger, as food distributions continue across the worst affected parts of the country, but financial support for WFP’s emergency ...
26 August 2005

WFP hands over upgraded airport to southern Sudan

WFP hands over an airport upgraded at a cost of US$1.6 million to the local government in the South Sudan interim capital of Rumbek to provide greater access to the south.
26 August 2005

WFP struggling to feed 90,000 refugees in Sudan's east

WFP says it is struggling to feed 90,000 Eritrean and Ethiopian refugees in eastern Sudan. More than halfway through its term, the two-year WFP operation to feed the refugees has a 47 percent funding shortfall and breaks in supplies are looming.
24 August 2005

Hunger persists for more than three million in Ethiopia

With world attention focused on humanitarian crises in West Africa – and one African in three remaining chronically malnourished – WFP today urged the international community to maintain its focus and generosity to ...
24 August 2005

Lebanese singer Assi Helani joins WFP's fight against hunger

WFP today announced that the Lebanese singer, Assi Helani, has added his voice to the growing roster of celebrities helping the UN food aid agency raise awareness about global hunger and poverty. Popularly known as the ...
19 August 2005

Largely Forgotten Somali Hijacking Now Enters Day 54

The hostages are not Italian, French or American; there are no discussions of the hijackers asking for millions of dollars to set them free. As it drags through its eighth week, the story of the 10-man crew aboard the MV ...
19 August 2005

New Food Insecurity Atlas Pinpoints 100 Indonesian ‘Hotspots’

A new tool in the “war on hunger” in Indonesia was unveiled today by the Ministry of Agriculture’s National Food Security Council and WFP. Jointly developed over the last two years by the two agencies, “A Food ...
18 August 2005

With world focus on Niger, Belgium donates to neglected African crises

Brussels - WFP welcomes a cash donation of five million euros from Belgium which will allow the agency to provide urgently needed food to the Democratic Republic of Congo, Tanzania, Niger, Mali, South Sudan, Zimbabwe and Malawi.
17 August 2005

WFP alleviates food shortages in remote corner of Mauritania

WFP steps up emergency distributions of food in Mauritania, including to 6,300 people suffering from serious food shortages in parts of the remote Hodh Chargui region.
16 August 2005

WFP increases Mali appeal to help 175,000 children under five

Bamako WFP increases its emergency appeal for Mali in order to feed an additional 175,000 children in the hardest-hit parts of the country and avoid it slipping into a humanitarian crisis similar to neighbouring Niger.


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