News Releases

Official statements announcing key developments in WFP operations and activities.

2 August 2005

WFP praises support from corporate partner TNT in tsunami relief effort

Colombo WFP in Sri Lanka pays tribute to the committed and unflagging support from corporate partner TNT in the food aid agency\'s relief effort for the country\'s hundreds of thousands of tsunami victims.
1 August 2005

WFP launches air hub for Asian tsunami crisis

Jakarta Concluding a four-day trip to Indonesia to see tsunami devastation at first hand, WFP Executive Director James Morris announces the establishment of a humanitarian air base in Malaysia dedicated to serving UN and other aid groups shipping relief supplies into Indonesia and other affected countries.

1 August 2005

WFP provides food aid for 750,000 people in Sri Lanka

Colombo During the visit to Sri Lanka of UN Secretary General Kofi Annan, WFP announces that it had hit its target of dispatching enough food in Sri Lanka to help feed 750,000 people affected by the tsunami crisis.

29 July 2005

WFP to assist demobilized combatants in DR Congo

Kinshasa - To help bring peace to the war-torn Democratic Republic of Congo, WFP announces that it will extend a vital operation to provide food rations to demobilized combatants and their families, as well as meeting the continuing needs of newly displaced people in the east.
27 July 2005

WFP airlifts life-saving rations to Niger

Rome - As the international humanitarian response to Niger's severe hunger crisis gathers pace, WFP announces that a series of airlifts will deliver life-saving emergency rations to feed 80,000 victims of the country\'s intensifying emergency.
26 July 2005

Major contribution shows Japan's growing role in fighting hunger in Africa

Yokohama WFP welcomes an aid package of JPY 1.5 billion (US$13.6 million) from the Japanese Government to assist millions of people affected by conflict and natural disasters in some of the priority areas of Africa.
25 July 2005

Libya covers fuel cost to maintain WFP airlift of food aid to Darfur

Khartoum - WFP welcomes Libya\'s agreement to help cover the costs of its airlift of food aid to western Sudan\'s Darfur region, where over three million people have been displaced by the conflict.
21 July 2005

Urgent food airlift by French NGO for Niger's hungry

Rome In response to repeated appeals to the international community to help stave off the deepening hunger crisis in Niger, WFP announces that a much-needed airlift of food commodities from Réunir, a French aid agency, has arrived in Maradi, one of the hardest hit areas of the country.
19 July 2005

Africa's refugees risk exploitation and violence due to food ration cuts

Geneva/Dar Es Salaam Two leading United Nations agencies, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNCHR) and WFP warn that continued food ration cuts are forcing Burundian and Congolese refugees in western Tanzania to take part in activities that put them at risk in an effort to ward off hunger. UNHCR and WFP are especially concerned about the rising trend of sexual exploitation and violence against refugee women outside the camps.
15 July 2005

Food aid urgently needed for victims of Togo's turmoil

Dakar As the aftershocks of recent political turmoil and violence in Togo continue to be felt, the WFP appeals for just US$3 million to ensure 66,500 people forced from their homes do not go hungry in the months ahead.


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