News Releases

Official statements announcing key developments in WFP operations and activities.

1 July 2008

WFP food convoy leaves Nairobi for Kenya's Rift Valley

A convoy of WFP food leaves Nairobi for displaced people in Kenya’s Northern Rift Valley and more WFP food left the town of Eldoret for thousands of desperately hungry people in the western town of Kisumu.

30 June 2008

Agreement reached as first US ship arrives in DPRK with food aid

WFP announced an agreement with the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea that paves the way for a rapid expansion of its food assistance to more than 5 million hungry people throughout the country.
30 June 2008

Fast donor response keeps WFP Humanitarian Air Service flying in Sudan

Thanks to a fast response by donors, the humanitarian air service which flies aid workers to critical areas in Sudan will continue running until the end of September.
29 June 2008

WFP-contracted driver killed after delivering food assistance in South Sudan

The WFP said that the Ugandan driver of a WFP-contracted truck was killed in an ambush in southern Sudan, bringing to five the number of WFP-contracted drivers or their assistants killed in attacks in South Sudan this year.
20 June 2008

Urgent funding needed for WFP Helicopters to assist in Myanmar

A critical shortage of funds for a helicopter operation providing essential logistical support to nearly 50 aid agencies is threatening the entire relief effort for 2.4 million survivors of Cyclone Nargis in Myanmar.
13 June 2008

WFP Strategic Plan charts revolution in food aid

The Executive Board of WFP has approved a new four-year strategic plan that will be critical to addressing soaring hunger needs due to the global food crisis.
13 June 2008

WFP-contracted driver killed by gunmen in Southern Somalia

Gunmen have shot and killed a WFP-contracted truck driver in southern Somalia, the WFP said today.
5 June 2008

WFP food aid now reaching cyclone-hit areas of Myanmar

WFP has begun distributing food in cyclone-damaged areas of Yangon as it ramped up efforts to respond to the looming humanitarian needs in the southern coastal regions of Myanmar hardest hit by the powerful Cyclone Nargis three days ago.
3 June 2008

WFP food distributions begin for Afghans hit by high food prices

WFP has begun providing emergency food assistance to millions of Afghans who can no longer afford to buy wheat and wheat flour, staples of the Afghan diet. WFP distributions in rural, urban and semi-urban areas were due to start this week.
2 June 2008

WFP to feed thousands more Somali refugees in Yemen

The World Food Programme has announced that it was expanding its operation in Yemen to feed thousands more Somali refugees fleeing the conflict in their country.


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