News Releases

Official statements announcing key developments in WFP operations and activities.

19 September 2006

Saudis step in to support WFP in neglected West Africa

WFP has welcomed a cash donation of US$10 million from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to its operations in West Africa, where many of the poorest people in the world are living under trying conditions.
15 September 2006

Rapid Lebanese recovery allows WFP to wind up operations

Lebanon will soon be food secure again and its commercial sector is bouncing back quicker than expected, paving the way for the withdrawal of WFP from the country by the end of October.
11 September 2006

England cricket team and WFP link up to bowl out hunger

WFP and the England and Wales Cricket Board have joined forces in a dynamic new partnership which will endeavour to raise awareness about the scourge of global hunger.
10 September 2006

End of lean season presents no end to child suffering in Sahel

As harvests roll in across West Africa’s Sahel, WFP has warned that although households are restocking their granaries, millions of children across the region remain threatened by malnutrition.
5 September 2006

WFP completes airdrop into DRC's Katanga province

WFP has said that its airdrops into Katanga Province, south-eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, had provided enough food aid for some 34,700 displaced people, but a severe lack of funds was preventing many more needy from being reached.
5 September 2006

World's leading humanitarian video game reaches four million

Twelve months after its launch, the world’s first humanitarian video game about hunger is being celebrated as an unprecedented success story. “Food Force” is about clean fun for kids, in an environment where popular video games are often filled with sex and violence.
1 September 2006

UK provides more help to Pakistan quake victims

WFP welcomes a US$10 million contribution from DFID, the UK Department for International Development, to help operate a helicopter fleet bringing assistance to the survivors of the massive earthquake that hit Pakistan last October.
31 August 2006

WFP food distributed in Beirut's battered southern suburbs

Municipal workers have distributed food rations from the WFP to vulnerable families in Beirut’s southern suburbs where thousands of homes were damaged or destroyed in 33 days of conflict between Israel and Hizbollah.
28 August 2006

WFP warns of deteriorating humanitarian situation in Gaza

Ahead of an international donor conference this week on the reconstruction of Lebanon in the Swedish capital, Stockholm, WFP has warned that the situation in Lebanon must not be allowed to overshadow the rapidly deteriorating living conditions of the people in Gaza.
25 August 2006

Targeted free food distributions begin as Niger's lean season bites

WFP together with the Government of Niger, will today begin targeted free distributions of staple foodstuffs to the most vulnerable people to ensure that they have enough food through this year’s ‘lean season’ currently underway.


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