News Releases

Official statements announcing key developments in WFP operations and activities.

11 March 2006

Another success for world record marathoner and millions of children worldwide

WFP warmly congratulated its Ambassador against Hunger, top record holder Paul Tergat, on his performance today in New York where he finished third place in the world’s most prestigious marathon race.
11 March 2006

WFP gives urgent help to victims of new floods in southeast Ethiopia

With extensive flooding again hitting southeastern Ethiopia, WFP has said that it is working closely with the Government of Ethiopia to ensure that food aid urgently reaches tens of thousands of flood-affected people in the Somali region.
5 March 2006

Chad: Rising tensions render food outlook precarious

Amid rising tensions and reported preparations for armed attacks in Chad, WFP warned on election day that food is becoming a serious issue for some 70,000 people who have either fled the continuous armed incursions in the east of the country or are resident there.
2 March 2006

2.2 million Burundians need food aid

WFP has warned that the lethal combination of poor rains, crop disease and extreme poverty has left 2.2 million Burundians in need of food aid in 2006. A recent Crop and Food Assessment by the Ministry of ...
24 February 2006

Mountain guides help WFP with Pakistan quake recovery

WFP has announced the formation of a team of 23 experienced international and Pakistani mountain guides to assess damage and destruction in mountainous areas of Pakistan and Pakistan-administered Kashmir hit by last October’s earthquake.
24 February 2006

UN agency heads on unprecedented trip to Great Lakes

The heads of three of the United Nations largest humanitarian agencies are embarking on their first joint mission to visit their common operations.
23 February 2006

WFP governing body approves North Korea aid plan

WFP’s governing Executive Board has approved a two-year plan to build on the agency’s ten-year record of humanitarian assistance to the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea by tackling nutritional deficiencies and chronic hunger.
21 February 2006

WFP's daunting task: Feeding 1.7 million refugees

As the media and the humanitarian community focus on the spreading drought in the Horn of Africa, WFP is deeply concerned that more attention is needed to highlight the persistent problems faced by the world’s refugees – most of them in Africa.
17 February 2006

Pakistan helicopter lifeline faces drastic cuts

WFP has said that US$24 million is urgently needed to maintain its helicopter ‘lifeline’ operation in Pakistan -- the largest relief helicopter operation in the UN’s history -- until the end of August to assist thousands of victims of last year’s earthquake.
17 February 2006

Sudanese need food aid despite good harvest

The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and WFP have said that while Sudan is likely to reap a reasonably good harvest in 2005-2006, almost seven million people will still require food aid over the coming year.


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