News Releases

Official statements announcing key developments in WFP operations and activities.

19 October 2006

Massive aid effort contains malnutrition growth in Darfur

Despite the deteriorating security situation in Darfur, a new United Nations assessment has found that overall malnutrition levels have mostly stabilised in 2006 and food insecurity has improved slightly thanks to a stronger international response to the suffering in Sudan’s war-torn west.
13 October 2006

After 30 years, WFP ends food aid to Angola

WFP has said that a lack of funding had prompted it to wind down all its food aid operations in Angola by the end of the year, after three decades of direct involvement in the country.
13 October 2006

Largest trainload of WFP food in years leaves Lubumbashi in DR Congo

A train loaded with a total of 587 metric tons of food aid has left Lubumbashi in the southeast of the Democratic Republic of Congo, in what is believed to be the largest amount of food aid dispatched on a single train in the DRC in years, the WFP said.
10 October 2006

Food aid reaches more people in Darfur amid growing violence

WFP has announced that in September, food rations reached more than 158,000 people in Darfur, western Sudan, who have been cut off in recent months.
10 October 2006

World's leading humanitarian video game now in seven languages

This week, the world’s first humanitarian video game -- “Food Force” -- will be available in seven languages following the launch of French, Hungarian and Chinese versions.
8 October 2006

WFP paralysed in efforts to reach suffering people of south Lebanon

As food, fresh water and fuel stocks run dangerously low in war-torn Lebanon, WFP urges both sides to allow and facilitate desperately needed relief assistance through to hundreds of thousands of victims of the bitter conflict.
3 October 2006

WFP forced to cut rations for millions across Sudan

WFP has said that a critically slow response to appeals for its emergency operation in Sudan have forced it to cut rations of pulses, sugar and salt for up to 3.5 million people immediately, to help limited stocks last longer.
27 September 2006

Kenya rains reduce number needing food aid to nearly 3 million people

Rains have reduced the number of Kenyans in need of food aid because of drought to nearly 3 million people from 3.5 million, the Government of Kenya and WFP has said.
26 September 2006

Rising tide of Somali refugees strains food stocks in Kenya's camps

Somali refugees escaping the conflict between the Union of Islamic Courts and the Transitional Federal Government have pushed the number of refugees in Kenya to the highest level in a decade, threatening to exhaust food aid stocks unless urgent donations are made, WFP said today.
26 September 2006

WFP and UNICEF call on Congress: Help End Child Hunger Now

The Executive Director of the WFP, James Morris, has sounded a call to action to end child hunger, describing the plight of hundreds of millions of poor, malnourished children who die, or fail to develop properly, as “an affront to conscience”.


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