News Releases

Official statements announcing key developments in WFP operations and activities.

14 June 2006

Saudi Arabia provides food aid for 50,000 Palestinians

Days after the WFP warned that hundreds of thousands of Palestinians are becoming destitute, Saudi Arabia has responded with a donation of US$2.6 million to purchase food for 50,000 of the worst affected families.
13 June 2006

New WFP operation assists displaced in Azerbaijan

WFP Executive Director, James Morris, has approved a two-year operation in Azerbaijan, which will provide 26,833 metric tons of food assistance to 143,500 people displaced by the conflict with Armenia over the disputed region of Nagorno-Karabakh.
12 June 2006

WFP launches new PSA featuring the cast from Warner Bros' new film "Blood Diamond"

“What is so powerful that it can make you overcome your greatest fear…turn your brother into an enemy…and leave wounds that scar long after the fighting is over?" The answer: “Hunger—so deadly it kills 25,000 people a day.”
6 June 2006

Drive against hunger: motor rally across 14 countries ends in Jordan

One hundred and twenty old automobiles reached the Jordanian capital, Amman today, after a ten-day drive across 14 countries from Oberstaufen, Germany, in the “Drive against Hunger” rally to raise awareness about fighting hunger and poverty around the world.
4 June 2006

WFP to give food aid to support Philippines peace

WFP has announced that it will provide food aid to Mindanao in the Philippines in support of the government’s effort to end the long-standing conflict on the island.
3 June 2006

WFP congratulates Oscar winner Rachel Weisz

WFP congratulates Rachel Weisz on winning an Oscar last night for Best Actress in a Supporting Role, for her performance in the movie, The Constant Gardener.
3 June 2006

World's first humanitarian insurance policy issued

WFP has announced that AXA Re has been awarded the world’s first insurance contract for humanitarian emergencies.
2 June 2006

Straight talk foundation launches tree-planting initiative

WFP together with Straight Talk Foundation have launched an initiative to plant 230 acres of trees in Teso, northern Uganda and Karamoja, as well as supply Tree Talk newspaper along with tree seed to 18,000 schools countrywide in 2006.
31 May 2006

Belgium first country to donate to WFP's earthquake relief in Indonesia

WFP has welcomed a donation of EURO 500,000 from Belgium - confirmed by the Minister of Development Cooperation, Mr. Armand De Decker - to fund emergency food rations for the survivors of Saturday’s massive earthquake in Yogyakarta Province, Indonesia.
31 May 2006

Historic humanitarian helicopter service ends in Pakistan

The largest humanitarian helicopter operation ever organised by the United Nations ended today after having successfully transported nearly 30,000 tonnes of aid supplies and tens of thousands of aid workers and other passengers to the Pakistan-administered parts of Kashmir struck by a devastating earthquake eight months ago.


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