News Releases

Official statements announcing key developments in WFP operations and activities.

10 April 2008

WFP contract driver and assistant killed delivering food in South Sudan

WFP has announced that the driver of a WFP-contracted truck and his assistant were killed in Southern Sudan, bringing to five the number of people killed in attacks on WFP humanitarian transporters in Sudan in less than three weeks.
9 April 2008

Kemin Industries to Provide Food Quality and Shelf Life Stability Expertise to WFP

Kemin Industries will help WFP to further improve the quality and nutritional impact of the food it distributes to the hungry poor throughout the world, it was announced today.
6 April 2008

World Food Crisis Summit: WFP scales up urgent food assistance in 62 countries worldwide

The United Nations World Food Programme announced today it is rolling out an additional US$1.2 billion in food assistance to help tens of millions of people in more than 60 nations hardest hit by the urgent food crisis. ...
2 April 2008

WFP warned that insecurity in Chad threatens food distributions

WFP has warned that insecurity in Chad may disrupt the dispatch and arrival of food assistance for more than 400,000 Sudanese refugees and displaced Chadians unless the situation swiftly stabilizes.
1 April 2008

WFP responds to crisis in Kenya

WFP responds to the crisis in Kenya and will shortly provide food through the Kenya Red Cross for an estimated 100,000 people displaced in the Northern Rift Valley
28 March 2008

WFP Sudan's air operation gets one-month reprieve from closure

The vital Humanitarian Air Service run by the World Food Programme (WFP) in Sudan has received a one-month reprieve from imminent closure thanks to generous donations totalling more than US$6 million, the agency has announced.
27 March 2008

WFP warns Somalia sinking deeper into abyss of suffering

WFP has warned that Somalia is sinking deeper into an abyss of suffering with hundreds of thousands of women and children uprooted by fighting while a lack of security is preventing full humanitarian access to some areas.
25 March 2008

Three drivers of WFP-contracted trucks killed in Sudan

As the number of hijackings of trucks carrying food for the WFP nears 60 since the start of the year, WFP expressed deep sadness and shock at the killing of three drivers of WFP-contracted trucks in two separate incidents in Sudan.
25 March 2008

Top WFP official in Canada to highlight food price rise crisis

Following WFP’s extraordinary emergency appeal last week to world government leaders for critical funds to address soaring food and fuel prices, the agency’s Deputy Executive Director for Hunger Solutions, Sheila Sisulu, starts meetings today with Canadian officials.
14 March 2008

WFP urges continued support for Burundi refugees returning home

The World Food Programme has urged the international community to provide US$6 million so that WFP food assistance to as many as 90,000 Burundian refugees returning home from Tanzania – due to run out mid-year – can be maintained.


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