News Releases

Official statements announcing key developments in WFP operations and activities.

18 June 2004

UN Special Envoy urges humanitarian sector to redouble efforts to tackle Mozambique's rising HIV/AIDS rate

Maputo The United Nations, the Government of Mozambique, and non-government organisations must strengthen efforts to tackle the country\'s spiraling HIV/AIDS rate before the virus exacts an irreversible toll, warns James T. Morris, the UN Secretary-General\'s Special Envoy for Humanitarian Needs in Southern Africa.
16 June 2004

WFP feeds thousands of new refugees from DRC in Burundi, Rwanda

Bujumbura WFP is feeding thousands of refugees who have crossed into Burundi and Rwanda from the Democratic Republic of Congo to escape violence that temporarily paralysed WFP\'s aid operations in much of eastern DRC.
14 June 2004

UN Special Envoy returns to Malawi to review the current humanitarian situation

Lilongwe James T. Morris, the UN Secretary-General\'s Special Envoy for Humanitarian Needs in Southern Africa, starts his third visit to Malawi on as part of a four-nation UN mission to assess the triple threat of food insecurity, weakened capacity for governance and AIDS.
12 June 2004

WFP hails arrival of European wheat for drought-hit Eritrea

Massawa, Eritrea - WFP welcomes the arrival of 42,500 metric tons of wheat to help alleviate the suffering of 600,000 Eritreans suffering from drought, as well as an additional 300,000 suffering from the effects of war and its economic impact.
12 June 2004

WFP, India build new alliance to end hunger, fight HIV/AIDS

New Delhi The head of WFP, James T. Morris, today hailed the growing cooperation between the UN food aid agency and the Government of India in their common cause of reducing global hunger and promoting good nutrition among the poor, especially children.
10 June 2004

WFP surpasses target, feeding more than 1.3 million people in Darfur

Khartoum WFP feeds more than 1.3 million people in the Darfur region of western Sudan in September, exceeding its own target of 1.2 million and recording its largest food distribution since the humanitarian crisis began.

9 June 2004

WFP urges safeguards for future victims of Bangladesh annual floods

Dhaka As millions of Bangladeshis return to their homes in the wake of massive floods, WFP appeals for international support for long-term strategies to enable the poor and vulnerable to cope with the annual monsoon crisis.
8 June 2004

Sudan: US makes substantial donation to WFP's Darfur operation

Washington, D.C. The United States donates more than US$28 million to WFP to help feed families fleeing the violence in the Darfur region of Sudan.
5 June 2004

Angolans return home to peace and hunger

Johannesburg - After years of exile, tens of thousands of Angolan refugees in Namibia, Zambia and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) are set to endure further hardships once they return home, due to an acute funding shortage faced by WFP.
5 June 2004

North Korea's humanitarian crisis goes beyond Ryongchon

Seoul - While the international community has rushed to the rescue of victims of last month\'s deadly train explosion in North Korea, aid programmes to help millions of other needy people across the country remain critically under-funded, says a senior United Nations official.


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