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  • Achieving Zero Hunger

    RBA: Zero Hunger

    17/07/2015 — Rome-based agencies (RBAs)

    Achieving Zero Hunger: The World Food Programme (WFP), The Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) and International Fund for Agriculture Development (IFAD) urge greater investment to end global hunger and poverty.

  • A Road to Prosperity in Zambia

    A Road to prosperity

    14/05/2015 — Rome-based agencies (RBAs)

    "The UN’s Rome-based Agencies (the World Foood Programme, the Food and Agriculture Organisation and the International Fund for Agricultural Development) and Zambia’s Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAL) are combining their comparative advantages to increase

  • One Woman's Story From The Mozambique Floods

    Stirring the pot (Esperanca's daughter)

    12/02/2015 — Rome-based agencies (RBAs)

    Until the floods came, Esperança Gonçalves (34) had been living a quiet life, running her shop and earning enough to feed her family of six in Mocuba, Quelimane province, northern Mozambique.

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  • 26/05/2017 — Rome-based agencies (RBAs)

    Heads of UN Food Agencies Call for Urgent Peace in South Sudan

    Around 5.5 million people in South Sudan, or almost half the population, face severe hunger, not knowing where their next meal is coming from ahead of the lean season, which peaks in July. Of these around one million people are on the brink of famine. 

  • 24/05/2017 — Rome-based agencies (RBAs) SHOTLIST (PDF)

    Heads of UN Food Agencies Call for Urgent Peace in Famine-Stricken South Sudan (For the Media)

    JUBA – All parties to the conflict in South Sudan must cease violence and work together to ensure that food and other lifesaving support can reach people to end famine and severe hunger, the heads of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and of the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) said yesterday. FAO’s José Graziano da Silva and WFP’s David Beasley made their appeal during a visit to Unity State, one of the areas in South Sudan worst hit by the current hunger crisis.

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