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The differences we make
Every day, we make a difference to the lives of millions of people. Each of these people has a story to tell. And so do the WFP staff who make it happen. You can read some of these stories here.

Food For Assets
4 October 2010

Conflict Then Floods -- Pakistani Family Shows Resilience

The floods in northwestern Pakistan hit an area already reeling from conflict. People like Khaistan Jaan had just returned home when rising water forced them to flee again. Now she and her family are starting yet again – sustained by food aid as they dig irrigation canals and plant fruit trees.

Responding to Emergencies
27 September 2010

Pakistan: Flood-Hit Farmers Risk Missing Planting Season

Much of Pakistan’s farmland is near its main waterways, which means farmers saw the worst of the recent flooding. Unless they are able to get back to their fields soon, they risk missing the next planting season, which would mean more and worse hunger in the near future.

Fight Against HIV/AIDS
24 September 2010

Kenya: HIV-Positive Woman On Food Aid Now Selling Food To WFP

Anne Rono is a small farmer, but after contracting HIV, lost the strength to farm her land. With the help of antiretroviral drugs and nutritious food, she’s not only back on her feet but selling her crops to WFP through an innovative new programme that links small farmers to markets.

Focus on Women
20 September 2010

Uganda: Better Stoves Curb Risks For Rural Women

Women in the Karamoja region of Uganda run the daily risk of rape and violence during their daily search for wood to cook and mend their fences. Efficient new stoves provided by WFP are helping them curb those risks by reducing the amount of wood they need to prepare meals.

Responding to Emergencies
6 September 2010

Young Pakistan Flood Victims Look To Future

Punjab, one of the heaviest populated regions in Pakistan, was among the hardest hit by the floods. After losing their homes in the disaster, three families are now living together in an old school house. One of the kids in the group is Shanza, who has clear ideas about her future.

School Meals
3 September 2010

Cape Verde: School-Meals Girl Now A Career Woman

In 1990, seven-year-old Vera Tavares starred in a WFP documentary about the nutritious lunches that were keeping her in school. Today, she’s a college educated career woman able to support her mother and put her brother through university. Vera tells us how those simple school meals made it all possible. Watch video

Preventing Hunger
3 September 2010

Sri Lanka: Efficient Stove Helps Mother Avoid Land Mines

Land mines are a constant threat in many parts of Sri Lanka in the wake of long years of civil strife. Parathachchelvi Navarajan says that a fuel-efficient stove, given to her by WFP, has reduced the amount of fuel she needs to cook and therefore lessened the risk that she will step on a mine when searching for firewood.

3 September 2010

DRC: For Rape Victims, Food Aid Key To Healing Process

Civil unrest in the Democratic Republic of Congo has led to an outbreak of sexual violence, with over 17,500 women raped last year. By drawing women to health centres and providing nourishment for them and their children, food aid has proved to be a key part of the healing process.

Food For Assets
1 September 2010

Bolivia: Farmers Abandon Land As Drought Spreads Hunger

A long dry spell in the El Chaco region of southern Bolivia has decimated maize harvests, threatening an entire culture of indigenous corn growers with destitution. As thousands sell their land and move to the cities, WFP is helping to make staying on their farms a real option.

31 August 2010

Drought Casts Shadow Over Holy Month In Chad

As many as six in ten families are going hungry in the West African country of Chad, where drought and crop failures made for a grim Ramadan, the Muslim holy month. To stem the tide of malnutrition, WFP has launched a major feeding campaign targeting 747,000 people in the worst hit areas.


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