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6 July 2015

Guatemala: For a 3-Year-Old Boy, Food Assistance Can Bring the Treat of a Watermelon Slice

For 3 years old Axel, a watermelon means that his mother had come home with his favorite fruit. For his mother, Juliana, it means that her children despite the severe drought will be able to eat. For WFP, ECHO, and the government, it means that the food assistance has achieved its purpose. Our colleague in Guatemala, Marta Orozco, describes the situation of the Gomez family and how food assistance helps them improve their nutrition.

6 July 2015

Millennium Development Goals 2015

At the beginning of the new millennium, world leaders gathered at the United Nations (UN) to shape a broad vision to fight poverty in its many dimensions. That vision - which became eight goals - that we now know as the Millennium Development Goal’s (MDGs). It was a pledge to uphold the principles of human dignity, equality and equity, and to free the world from extreme poverty.

Purchase for Progress
4 July 2015

Tradition Meets Innovation in Farmer Field Days

The theme for International Day of Cooperatives – celebrated this year on 4 July – is ’Equality’. The World Food Programme (WFP) is marking the day by reaffirming its commitment to empowering women through its Purchase for Progress (P4P) initiative in Malawi.

3 July 2015

Supporting Access To Food And Good Nutrition

As one of the 38 countries to achieve anti-hunger targets for 2015, Peru has a lot to celebrate. In fact, the country has managed to reduce its number of hungry people by half in the last 15 years.

3 July 2015

From Port to Plate: The Critical Role Of Mersin, Turkey And WFP Logistics In The Syria Emergency

The World Food Programme (WFP) Staffer Victoria Clasen pens a guided tour of the enormous logistical effort behind the food assistance WFP provides to displaced communities inside Syria. Starting from a warehouse belonging to one of Turkey’s major food producers in Mersin, to the trucks and ships crossing borders to bring food to Syria, Clasen paints a vivid picture that culminates in WFP’s ultimate objective: food for conflict-affected families inside Syria.

Climate Change
2 July 2015

Fatima’s First Dream

Sabrina Quezada, Communications Officer in Nicaragua, loves to go to the field to meet WFP project participants. She did not hesitate to go to the field when the WFP Office in Washington, D.C. asked her to interview a mother and participant of the school meals programme. The interview was part of a Michael Kors’ campaign on Mother’s Day in the United States to support WFP School Meals. When Sabrina asked Fatima, her interviewee, about her dreams, her answer left Sabrina speechless. 

2 July 2015

FAQs on Food Quality and Safety in Nepal

We know you may have questions about our emergency operations in Nepal. Here are some answers to questions raised on social media recently.

2 July 2015

VoucherChef: Tebbuli

Welcome to the World Food Programme's (WFP) new recipe series. Explore the culinary treasures and cooking abilities of refugees who benefit from WFP's cash and vouchers, an initiative that allows individuals to buy the food they need to cook their traditional dishes.

1 July 2015

Refugees in Kenya’s Dadaab Camp Find Life a Daily Struggle

Funds have forced the World Food Programme ( WFP) to reduce the amount of food rations for the refugees by 30 percent. While the agency hopes the cuts are temporary, they could in fact, become greater without significant contributions that will prevent food stocks from running out. Refugees say the ration cuts make their already difficult lives even harder.

Food For Assets
30 June 2015

Building Resilience As Well As Roads In South Sudan

AWEIL –In many parts of South Sudan the rains are a curse as much as a blessing.  Heavy rain often leads to flooding which damages crops or washes them away entirely, leaving people even more vulnerable to food insecurity.  The World Food Programme (WFP) through its Food Assistance For Asset-creation (FFA) activities helps communities to strengthen their resilience to such shocks.  In Northern Bahr el Ghazal State several communities have optedto construct infrastructure that prevents flood waters from destroying crops and homes.


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