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Purchase for Progress
21 January 2013

Ethiopia Feeding Itself with Support from WFP’s P4P and School Meals Programmes

Markos and Elias have received school meals from WFP for the past two years, but the lunch they ate one day in November was special. For the first time ever, the students enjoyed a meal made from crops grown just a few kilometers from their school — purchased by WFP directly from Ethiopian farmers.

Focus on Women
9 January 2013

Haiti: A Clinic is Making a Big Difference 3 Years After the Earthquake

Nutritional assistance provided to people still struggling to rebuild their lives three years after the earthquake helps mothers raise healthy children.

9 January 2013

Haiti: “When the Bell Rings, It’s Like a Traffic Jam”

In Haiti, the World Food Programme provides meals daily to 685,000 children in the country’s schools. The meals help children learn better and encourages them to come to school everyday. In La Saline, like in many other places in Haiti, the school meals programme also provides the guarantee that children get at least a meal a day.

For Individuals
8 January 2013

50 Voices Join WFP To Speak Out Against Global Hunger

The fight against hunger cannot be won alone. That’s why, 50 years after its founding, WFP gathered “50 Takes on Hunger” from leaders in the public and private sectors, from celebrities, athletes and academics, and from a school girl in Kenya who receives WFP food assistance.

4 January 2013

WFP Response To The Syrian Refugee Crisis

The conflict in Syria has led thousands of Syrians to flee seeking safety in neighbouring Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey, Iraq and Egypt. Food is one of their priority needs and WFP is responding with an operation to assist refugees in all five countries. WFP is providing assistance mainly through food vouchers redeemable in local shops as well as direct food distributions in some areas where beneficiaries cannot access markets easily.

Responding to Emergencies
19 December 2012

New Plan Unveiled To Assist Syrian Refugees in 2013

GENEVA – WFP joined other humanitarian aid agencies on Wednesday in unveiling an expanded plan to assist people fleeing fighting in Syria to neighbouring countries during the first six months of 2013.

Cash and Vouchers
17 December 2012

Malawi: Poor Farmers Get Cash Through Mobile Phones

With food prices high in Malawi's markets, many families are struggling to find enough to eat. A new programme by WFP is sending cash to the most vulnerable people through their mobile phones. This assistance enables them to buy more food and so keep hunger and malnutrition at bay.

Responding to Emergencies
14 December 2012

Humanitarian Community Needs $8.5 Bln For 16 Countries Hit By Emergencies

Aid agencies are collectively appealing for US$ 8.5 billion to respond to the humanitarian needs of some 51 million people in 16 countries in 2013. The figure, higher than any previous such appeal, was announced Friday by the heads of WFP, OCHA and Caritas Internationalis at a press conference at WFP’s Rome headquarters.

Responding to Emergencies
12 December 2012

Mali: WFP Food Is Lifeline For Families Displaced By Conflict

More than 200,000 people have fled from their homes since conflict erupted in northern Mali earlier this year, worsening an existing hunger crisis brought on by the Sahel drought. Despite the logistical challenges and insecurity, WFP is managing to get food to many of the displaced families.
Responding to Emergencies
11 December 2012

Food Helps As Syrian Refugees Brace For Hard Winter In Camps

Winter is here and in the camps housing Syrian refugees in Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey and Iraq, preparations are under way to help families get through the cold months ahead.


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