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25 February 2011

Enterprising Girl Feeds 2,800 Kids In Pakistan

After learning that families in Pakistan had been driven from their homes by flooding, 9-year-old Emilie decided that she wanted to help. So she started selling lemonade and gave a speech at a local church. In just a few days, Emilie had raised US $700—enough to feed some 2,800 children in Pakistan.

17 February 2011

Homespun Response To Malnutrition Deployed In Pakistan

An innovative new food product made entirely in Pakistan is helping to protect the youngest of that country’s flood victims from malnutrition. Made from locally grown chickpeas, Wawa Mumshows that supplying technical knowhow can be the key to finding local solutions to malnutrition. Watch video

Responding to Emergencies
25 January 2011

Pakistan: 6 Months On, Food Aid Helps To Power Flood Recovery

WFP is currently delivering food assistance to around 5.2 million people affected by last year’s floods in Pakistan. That assistance increasingly takes the form of support for projects that rebuild bridges, roads and other important community assets.

Focus on Women
25 January 2011

Pakistan: One Day In A Mother's Life

Razia and her family were badly hit in the floods that devastated Pakistan last summer. But they're now getting back on their feet. Helped by food assistance from WFP, Razia's life is starting to return to normal. Here's one day in her life - six months after the floods. Watch video

Responding to Emergencies
25 January 2011

A Year After Floods, Pakistan Families Get Back On Their Feet

One year ago, torrential monsoon rains unleashed a wave of flooding across Pakistan in what would become the worst natural disaster in its history. In response, WFP mounted a huge relief operation to assist over 8.7 million people. Today, flood victims are getting back on their feet with the help of food-based programmes designed to help them rebuild.

Food For Assets
5 January 2011

For Pakistan Flood Village, Recovery Starts With Bridge

When the monsoon flood waters surged down the Swat River near the village of Zoladher, they smashed the only bridge linking the two sides of the village. Many children now have to ride a rickety cable car to get to school. With help from WFP, villagers have started work on a new bridge.

Cash and Vouchers
16 December 2010

Pakistan: Cash Cards Bring Flood Families Back To Market

After losing his home and business to the August floods, Manzoor Ahmed, 37, is again able to buy food at the local market thanks to a pilot project which has replaced his food rations with cash. This way, WFP is supporting local markets and food production.

Responding to Emergencies
23 November 2010

Pakistan: 8 Hunger Facts

The monsoon floods in August hit a country already grappling with high levels of malnutrition, high food prices and a humanitarian crisis along its border with Afghanistan. Here are eight facts that show the full extent of hunger and poverty in Pakistan.

Responding to Emergencies
23 November 2010

How We're Feeding The Hungry In Pakistan

With 7 million people in Pakistan receiving food aid each month, the head of WFP’s operations there explains why even flood victims in temporary camps may favour receiving food they have to cook themselves over food that's ready-to-eat. Answering six questions, Wolfgang Herbinger also explains how food aid comes into play when people return to a village wrecked by floods.

Food For Assets
15 November 2010

Pakistan: Five Ways Lives Are Improving

More than three months after catastrophic monsoon floods swept through Pakistan, WFP’s food assistance is helping in many ways. It brings relief to people who are still cut off by flood waters and helps families protect their children from malnutrition. It also supports those who are in a position to rebuild their homes and livelihoods.


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