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12 March 2013

WFP Rehabilitates Ports, Boosting Efficiency And Trade In Somalia

WFP has completed dredging works in the port cities of Mogadishu and Bossasso, which has allowed larger ships to dock and more cargo to enter Somalia.

5 February 2013

Taking On Malnutrition In Somalia's Deep South

Somalia's food insecurity has eased, according to a new report by the Food Security and Nutrition Analysis Unit of the UN's Food and Agriculture Organisation with the Famine Early Warning Systems Network. But, as a visit by WFP to Kismayo demonstrates, acute malnutrition remains alarmingly high, particularly among children.

Food For Assets
15 October 2012

Somalia: Reservoir Puts Nomads On Road To Recovery

Compared to this time last year, things have improved for Somalis who have directly benefited from the creation of community assets which provide a way out of the proverty trap.

ED - E.Cousin
29 August 2012

WFP Expresses Deep Sadness Over Killing Of FAO Employee In Somalia

WFP Executive Director Ertharin Cousin has sent condolences to the Director General of the UN Food and Agriculture Organization,  Jose Graziano da Silva, in the wake of the killing of an FAO employee in southern Somalia earlier this week.
The note, sent Tuesday, expressed the deep sadness of WFP staff over the death of a fellow humanitarian, who was working to make build a better life for ordinary people in Somalia.

School Meals
1 August 2012

A Snack A Day Keeps Hunger At Bay

Providing emergency school snacks to children attending lessons has proved to be invaluable in making sure they get vital nutrients, as well as helping them to concentrate on the task in hand.

Focus on Women
17 July 2012

Somalia Woman Emerges From Hunger Crisis To Start Her Own Business

In Puntland, hundreds of people have benefitted from WFP’s Food for Training programme that offers food in exchange for participation in skills training. The programme helps people improve their economic status and self-reliance.

Food For Assets
17 July 2012

Somalia: What Difference Does A Year Make?

WFP Public Information Officer Susannah Nicol has visited Somalia several times over the last year and spoken to families who fled the famine and conflict in the south.  She looks back on the year since the famine declaration, charting the progress of relief efforts and the experiences of two mothers who have received WFP assistance.

17 July 2012

Somalia After The Famine: 10 Simple Questions

Twelve months after the declaration of famine in Somalia, WFP provides ten simple questions with relative answers in order to better explain what the situation is now like.

Cash and Vouchers
18 May 2012

Camel meat? What a treat!

In Somaliland, thousands more people are getting fresh meat as part of their diet as the direct result of WFP using vouchers. The vouchers are being provided as the family ration to households who have a malnourished child enrolled in the Targeted Supplementary Feeding Programme. Local traders are seeing the benefits we well as the money is ploughed back into their economy. Added to that, the number of children being brought for screening has risen, so it's a win-win situation all round...

15 May 2012

Food Vouchers Boost Nutrition And Markets In Somalia

Families in the Somilaland region of northern Somalia are enjoying a more balanced diet thanks to food vouchers which they can use to shop for goods like camel and goat meat at the local market. By allowing them to buy directly from local traders, the project is also a boost for the region's economy.


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