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2 November 2012

WFP Partners Meeting Focuses On Strategy

WFP’s partners have an important role to play in devising WFP’s overall strategy for tackling world hunger, agreed delegates to the annual WFP Partnership Consultations this week in Rome. New innovations and technologies emerged as key themes in the meeting, which brought together a greater number of partner organisations than ever before.

Focus on Women
1 November 2012

South Sudan: Positive Impact of Nutrition Support Visible Among Refugee Children

A combined effort by health, water, sanitation and nutrition partners, including the World Food Programme (WFP), to reduce alarming malnutrition rates amongst Sudanese refugees who have settled in Maban County of South Sudan, is beginning to yield fruit.  Parents say they have seen dramatic improvements in their children’s health. 

Cash and Vouchers
31 October 2012

Bolivia: Basilia Decides What Food Her Family Will Eat

Since she was a little girl, Basilia already knew about orchards. Her mother died when she was eight years old, meaning she had to leave school to take care of the orchards and the care and feeding of her little brothers alongside her father. Today, a WFP cash and vouchers programme, financed by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), teaches Basilia and other women new techniques to cultivate orchards. The result is a better nutrition for their families.

Preventing Hunger
29 October 2012

WFP Joins The Fight Against Locusts In The Sahel

As families in the Sahel struggle to recover from this year’s hunger crisis, tens of millions of locusts threaten to swarm across the region devouring the new harvest. To ensure that doesn’t happen, WFP has airlifted insecticide to Mali and Chad in a joint operation with its sister agency, the UN Food and Agriculture Organization.

For Individuals
24 October 2012

Robotics Grad Remembers Childhood As A Refugee

Chep Makur Chuot was nine years old when his family fled their home in South Sudan. He spent the next 12 years in a refugee camp in Kenya, where WFP’s school meals programme helped him get an education. Now living in Australia, Chep recently finished his degree in mechatronic engineering and says he plans to return home to help build his country.

Preventing Hunger
23 October 2012

Infographic: All About WFP

Just how many people does WFP feed each year? How much does that cost and where does it get the money? Find the answers to these questions and more in this infographic about WFP—the world’s largest humanitarian aid agency.

[NB. This infographic has been updated. Go here for new version]

For Individuals
19 October 2012

Girl From Kenya Inspires 50,000 Meals On World Food Day

Inspired by the story of a young girl growing up in one of Africa’s biggest slums, WFP supporters rallied to provide more than 50,000 meals for World Food Day. Destined for hungry children in schools around the world, most of the meals arrived in the last hours of the campaign.

19 October 2012

Canadian Prime Minister Visits Senegal To Be Briefed On WFP's Operations In The Region

Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the Minister of International Cooperation, Mr. Fantino paid a visit to Senegal where they were briefed on our operations by WFP’s Regional Director, Thomas Yanga.

Focus on Women
17 October 2012

On World Food Day, WFP Reassures Assistance To Vulnerable Afghans

Today, WFP celebrates World Food Day in Afghanistan along with its sister agency, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock. This year the emphasis is on supporting agricultural cooperatives and farmers’ organizations.

ED - E.Cousin
16 October 2012

Better Tools Needed To Protect Poor From Hunger

Climate change and volatile food prices make the world’s poorest ever more vulnerable to hunger. That’s why social protection mechanisms and resilience strategies are increasingly important, says WFP Executive Ertharin Cousin, outlining some of the ways WFP is working with governments and other partners to address this need.


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