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19 January 2016

LL3: The WFP Graphic Novel

Welcome to"LL3", the new graphic novel that goes behind the scenes of WFP’s work and the stories of those we meet. The series begins with Leila, a WFP staffer, and Khaled, who is fleeing violence in his native Iraq. 

Keep an eye on to follow the whole novel over the coming weeks.

18 January 2016

Using Productive Assets To Change Lives In Zimbabwe

In Chiredzi district, the rehabilitation of an irrigation scheme through WFP's Productive Asset Creation programme has brought much more than water to the drought-affected community...

12 January 2016

WFP Delivers Food To Besieged Communities In Madaya, Fouaa And Kefraya

Yesterday, trucks carrying over 500 tons of desperately needed food and other supplies entered the besieged towns of Madaya, in rural Damascus and Fouaa and Kefraya in rural Idlib, in Syria.

12 January 2016

5 Ways WFP Is Preparing In Case Of Emergency In Haiti

On 12 January 2010, Haiti was devastated by an earthquake of unprecedented magnitude that ravaged the capital city Port-au-Prince. Over 200,000 people died, and almost a quarter of the country’s population was displaced.

10 January 2016

Getting A Convoy Ready For Madaya

WFP and partner agencies ICRC, UNICEF, and WHO prepare convoys of much needed supplies for those in need in Madaya, Foah and Kufraya.

6 January 2016

WFP And Partners Work To Enhance Aid Delivery For Refugees In Chad

Surrounded by countries torn by armed conflict, Chad has become host to more than 344,000 refugees, most from Sudan, the Central African Republic (CAR) and, more recently, Nigeria. The volume of refugees has become a massive burden for Chad, which is one of the poorest countries on the planet. Further, hope is dwindling for many that they will ever return home, since most of these refugees have been in Chad for over a decade. WFP and its partners are finding solutions to make sure that assistance reaches the needs of the most vulnerable of these refugees to improve their food security and livelihood. 

1 January 2016

Myanmar: Five Months After The Floods

In July and August 2015 Myanmar suffered the worst landslides and flooding in recent decades after unusually heavy monsoon rains, and exposure to Cyclone Komen, which passed by the country’s southern coast. More than 9 million people have been affected in 12 of the country’s 14 states and regions, with the loss of homes, livelihoods, crops and food stocks. 

30 December 2015

Nepal: Cold And Hungry At The Roof-Of-The-World

In Nepal,  still reeling from a devastating earthquake in April 2015, a dispute over the contents of the country’s new constitution has caused a months long closure of border points with India. 

This story explores how it is the poor and vulnerable, especially those affected by the earthquake, that are bearing the brunt of this crisis – and what the UN World Food Programme (WFP) is doing to help. 

29 December 2015

Relief Challenges As Drought Plunges Lesotho Into Emergency

WFP plans to strengthen collaboration with the government and partners as more than 650,000 people face hunger in Lesotho's worst drought in decades. Struggling from two successive crop failures, the mountain kingdom has been pushed into a state of crisis by the El Niño weather phenomenon which has brought reduced rainfall to much of southern Africa. 

29 December 2015

Destruction Of Food In Deurali, Gorkha

On 29 December 2015, in Deurali, Gorkha, WFP disposed of 6.7 metric tons of food found to be unfit for human consumption. 


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