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Responding to Emergencies
8 November 2010

Pakistan Floods: The First 100 Days

Floodwaters have receded in many parts of Pakistan and flood victims are thinking about recovery and rebuilding. But in other areas, vast swathes of land remain submerged and communities cut off by the waters still depend on deliveries of emergency food aid.

Responding to Emergencies
8 November 2010

Pakistan: On Road To K2, Flood-Hit Villages Brace For Winter

The spectacular beauty of the Himalayan Mountains in Northern Pakistan belie harsh living conditions that will be even harsher this year for farmers whose livestock and fields were wiped out by the August floods. Ahead of the snows that will cut much off the region off for the winter, WFP is pre-positioning food so that the local residents will have enough to eat.

Food For Assets
28 October 2010

Pakistan Pop Stars Reach Out To Flood Victims

After meeting with families hit by this summer’s monsoon flooding, Pakistan’s celebrated pop duo Zeb and Haniya called on their fans to support the WFP food operation shielding millions of people from hunger. The two promised to take the message with them on their upcoming world tour.

Responding to Emergencies
12 October 2010

Pakistan: “I See People Rebuilding, Replanting, Reclaiming Lives”

Amjad Jamal, a WFP spokesman in Pakistan, has been in the thick of his country’s humanitarian crisis since the monsoon floods started in early August. Now, more than two months on, he says that millions of people are at work reclaiming their lives with the help of a massive food assistance effort.

Food For Assets
4 October 2010

Conflict Then Floods -- Pakistani Family Shows Resilience

The floods in northwestern Pakistan hit an area already reeling from conflict. People like Khaistan Jaan had just returned home when rising water forced them to flee again. Now she and her family are starting yet again – sustained by food aid as they dig irrigation canals and plant fruit trees.

Responding to Emergencies
27 September 2010

Pakistan: Flood-Hit Farmers Risk Missing Planting Season

Much of Pakistan’s farmland is near its main waterways, which means farmers saw the worst of the recent flooding. Unless they are able to get back to their fields soon, they risk missing the next planting season, which would mean more and worse hunger in the near future.

Responding to Emergencies
27 September 2010

Pakistan: Three Achievements And Three Challenges

The flooding in Pakistan this summer set off a massive aid operation to feed millions of people driven from their homes or stranded by the floods. Two months on and with the floodwaters receding in many areas, we look at what’s been achieved so far and at the challenges that lie ahead.

20 September 2010

Scaling Up The Right Nutrition Solutions In Emergencies...But Is There Enough?

A string of humanitarian crises this year has put a strain on global supplies of ready-to-use supplementary foods (RUSFs) like plumpy'doz vital to combating child malnutrition. In Pakistan, WFP is filling the gap with a locally-produced chickpea paste that could help bolster RUSF stocks in the future.

Responding to Emergencies
17 September 2010

Pakistan: WFP Expands Op To Address Impact Of Flooding

As Pakistan continues to reel from a disastrous wave of monsoon flooding, WFP’s operation to bring emergency food aid to six million people a month is being extended in time and expanded so as to help long-term recovery. Further assistance from donors is needed.

14 September 2010

Pakistan: WFP Logistics Arm Lends A Hand To Aid Community

Moving food around a disaster area as vast as the one in Pakistan takes planes, trucks, helicopters and lots of coordination. Transport expert Simon Hacker explains how WFP’s strong suit helps the entire humanitarian community overcome the logistical challenges that come with working in a flood zone.


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