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15 July 2015

Building Roads and Resilience in Chad

Since December 2013, conflict in the Central African Republic (CAR) has caused 113,000 Chadians in CAR to flee, returning to their home country. Though it seems like coming home would be easy, most of these people left Chad decades ago and no longer have a solid support network in their home country.

14 July 2015

A Tale of Two Schools: School Meals in Mali

Korka is in the second grade at Bankass school in Kani Kombole, and Amadou, in the sixth grade in Bandiagara school in Bendiely might live far apart - but they both have one thing in common: The World Food Programme's (WFP) school meals have helped to get them into the classroom and keep them there.

14 July 2015

Making The Most Of Soya In Afghanistan

A World Food Programme (WFP) project in Afghanistan is hoping to establish soya as a major crop and source of protein across the country.

14 July 2015

WFP Sri Lanka Boosts Data Collection with New Software System

Data collection and monitoring have improved at the World Food Programme (WFP) Sri Lanka, as the country office joins several others in adopting Android tablets equipped with specially designed software.

Climate Change
10 July 2015

Harvesting Water To Build Community Resilience In Karamoja

In Uganda’s poorest region, Karamoja, the World Food Programme (WFP), along with partners including local leaders and non-governmental organisations, is using funding from the United Kingdom, to help communities access something they consider more precious than gold – water.

10 July 2015

In Kenya, Refugees Happy To Get Dates Despite Ration Cuts

With the support of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, The World Food Programme (WFP) has provided 212 metric tons of dates to the refugees in Dadaab, Kenya.

Climate Change
9 July 2015

Making Life A Bit Sweeter In Uganda

Climate change puts people's lives at risk and traps poor households into food insecurity and poverty. When climate disasters strike, the situation of already vulnerable people can quickly deteriorate into a food and nutrition crisis.

9 July 2015

VoucherChef: Mujadara

Welcome to WFP’s new recipe series. Find out about the culinary abilities of a Jordanian mother who benefits from WFP’s cash-for-training programme that gives her a bit of an income while she gets equipped with new skills that will help her get a job.

9 July 2015

Nutrition: A Child’s First 1,000 Days In The Philippines

In line with the Zero Hunger Challenge and the Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN) initiative of ensuring zero stunted children, the World Food Programme (WFP) is committed to preventing stunting in children through nutrition interventions for pregnant and nursing women and children aged 6-23 months. Read how families in the Philippines learn how to improve their nutrition.

Food For Assets
8 July 2015

Zimbabwean Bakers Rolling In Dough: How One Bakery Is Fending Off Hunger

Brick by brick twenty-eight women and men in rural Zimbabwe have laid the foundation to their cooperatively-owned bakery, also laying the groundwork for a hunger-free future in their community.


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