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ED - J.Sheeran
22 September 2010

Food Aid Innovations Make Headway In Reaching MDGs

Groundbreaking new approaches to food assistance are helping to lift millions of people out of poverty and hunger. WFP Executive Director Josette Sheeran explained how these innovations are helping to reach the millennium development goals at a recent roundtable discussion in New York.

22 September 2010

Nutrition Takes Centre-Stage At US-Ireland Hunger Event

Nutrition has become a central theme in the latest approaches to defeating hunger, marking a paradigm shift in food aid and development. This was underlined by WFP Executive Director Josette Sheeran in an address to state officials and humanitarians at a recent event hosted by the US and Irish governments.

Focus on Women
21 September 2010

New Global Alliance Embraces Efficient Cooking Stoves

WFP is a key partner in a new alliance to bring fuel-efficient cooking stoves to millions of homes across the developing world. Formed under the auspices of the Clinton Global Initiative, the alliance sets out to save lives and protect the environment by enabling families to cook cleanly, safely and efficiently.

20 September 2010

Scaling Up The Right Nutrition Solutions In Emergencies...But Is There Enough?

A string of humanitarian crises this year has put a strain on global supplies of ready-to-use supplementary foods (RUSFs) like plumpy'doz vital to combating child malnutrition. In Pakistan, WFP is filling the gap with a locally-produced chickpea paste that could help bolster RUSF stocks in the future.

Focus on Women
20 September 2010

Uganda: Better Stoves Curb Risks For Rural Women

Women in the Karamoja region of Uganda run the daily risk of rape and violence during their daily search for wood to cook and mend their fences. Efficient new stoves provided by WFP are helping them curb those risks by reducing the amount of wood they need to prepare meals.

Preventing Hunger
19 September 2010

Millennium Hunger Target Underpins Other Millennium Goals

As the UN looks at progress towards the Millennium Development Goals in New York this week, it is clear that with just five years to go the hunger goal is the one most under threat. And yet addressing hunger is fundamental if the world is going to reach the other MDGs.

Responding to Emergencies
17 September 2010

Pakistan: WFP Expands Op To Address Impact Of Flooding

As Pakistan continues to reel from a disastrous wave of monsoon flooding, WFP’s operation to bring emergency food aid to six million people a month is being extended in time and expanded so as to help long-term recovery. Further assistance from donors is needed.

16 September 2010

Mounting Concern For Hungry In Chad As Hope Rises In Niger

As harvest time approaches in the Eastern Sahel, rates of malnutrition among children are at critical levels in Chad. A crippling lean season has left many children weak and in of need nutritional support. Two-year old Hassan is one of those now getting this badly needed support. Watch video

Preventing Hunger
14 September 2010

Number of Hungry Dips, But Still ‘Unacceptably High’

The number of hungry people in the world has fallen to 925 million from the record 1.02 billion reached in 2009. But it is still unacceptably high – equivalent to around one in seven people on earth – and hunger must remain on the political agenda if we are to make further progress.

14 September 2010

Pakistan: WFP Logistics Arm Lends A Hand To Aid Community

Moving food around a disaster area as vast as the one in Pakistan takes planes, trucks, helicopters and lots of coordination. Transport expert Simon Hacker explains how WFP’s strong suit helps the entire humanitarian community overcome the logistical challenges that come with working in a flood zone.


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