A unique view of all the ways WFP is assisting millions of people worldwide.

Fight Against HIV/AIDS
8 June 2012

Nutritious Food In Mozambique Essential to Good Health

In Mozambique, WFP provides nutritional food to help ease the burden of high rates of both malnutrition and HIV. This food helps twins like Sandra and Guida regain their health.

School Meals
5 June 2012

Nepal: Age No Bar For Learning

Seventy-year-old Nandakala Singh, who receives WFP School Meals, proves that age is just a number when one has the heart to learn.

Cash and Vouchers
1 June 2012

Cash & Vouchers: Helping Communities Fractured by Years of Armed Conflict in DRC

Cash & vouchers in the Democratic Republic of Congo stimulate local economies and reinforce social integration. Bargaining over food prices and the interaction between the displaced and host populations in the market contribute to building social cohesion in communities fractured by years of conflict.

Preventing Hunger
1 June 2012

Saudi Arabia Donates Dates to WFP Refugee Operations in Tanzania

On 30 May, the World Food Programme in Tanzania received a donation of dates valued at USD 700,000 from the Royal Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to support refugee operations in the north-west of the country.

31 May 2012

Building Resilience In Burkina Faso [Photo Gallery]

This year, 18 million people will be affected by the unfolding hunger crisis in Sahel, according to the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA).

ED - E.Cousin
28 May 2012

ED In Japan: "We Will Work Every Day To Earn Your Trust"

World Food Programme Executive Director Ertharin Cousin met today with Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda, welcoming the nation's continued commitment to support WFP, even amidst fiscal difficulties.

Purchase for Progress
27 May 2012

In Kenya: Buying Locally, Helping Small-Scale Farmers Grow

In Kenya, Purchase for Progress began as a pilot project in 2009. WFP aims to work with approximately 10,000 farmers by the end of 2013.

25 May 2012

WFP Hosts A Hangout From The Sahel

Join WFP’s Denise Brown on the front lines of the Sahel Crisis for a Google+ Hangout with CNN Anchor Jim Clancy and a group of journalists, bloggers and supporters from around the world. This unique event will be broadcast live on Youtube Wednesday 30 May at 12:00pm LA / 3:00pm NYC / 8:00pm London.

23 May 2012

In Uganda, Creating a Home Away From Home

Violence in Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo is forcing thousands of people to leave their homes behind. The World Food Programme is mobilizing resources to provide life-saving assistance.

Responding to Emergencies
23 May 2012

WFP Races To Assist Refugees From Mali

WFP has launched an emergency operation to deliver life-saving food assistance to thousands of people fleeing conflict in Mali. As refugees stream into areas already strained by drought in the Sahel, it's imperative to reach them with assistance in time for the summer Hunger Season.


Fighting Hunger Worldwide