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10 March 2015

8 Tweets To Remind You That Ebola Has Not Been Defeated Yet

Although progress has been made, we are not out of this devastating crisis yet. WFP and its partners continue to remain vigilant and provide the support needed to achieve zero cases across all Ebola-affected countries. You might have not seen much about Ebola in the media of late. Here is, in brief, our latest news:

Preventing Hunger
10 March 2015

12 Syrian Voices That Will Make You Rethink The Syrian Crisis

WFP's communications team met Syrians in displacement inside their country and in refuge in neighboring countries as well as humanitarian workers who have been witnesses to their agony. Here's what they had to say:

9 March 2015

Eight Facts On Disasters, Hunger and Nutrition

Disasters disproportionately affect the world’s poorest people and communities, significantly increasing hunger and malnutrition. Hunger and malnutrition increase people's exposure to risk.  Because of this, disaster risk reduction is a central priority for the World Food Programme (WFP). 

Here are some key facts on the link between disasters and hunger.


Focus on Women
9 March 2015

WFP Food Gives Women And Adolescent Girls In Afghanistan A Chance To Be Literate

In a country where girls are rarely allowed to attend school, WFP's food serves as a powerful incentive for male family members to send the women - mothers and adolescent girls - of their family to vocational skills and literacy classes.

Focus on Women
7 March 2015

Women: The Key To Escaping Poverty And Undernutrition In Bangladesh

After struggling for years, Fulasa fought her way out of poverty by helping nourish the minds and bodies of children in her community. She serves as a shining example of the central role that women play in addressing poverty and undernutrition.

6 March 2015

Views from the field: Life for Nigeria's refugees in Chad

World Food Programme Field Manager, Irene Del Rio (far right in photo below), has just returned from the refugee site of Dar es Salam (Lac Region), home to a growing number of Nigerian refugees escaping escalating violence in their country.

Aid professionals
6 March 2015

WFP Philippines Celebrates Women Leaders

In the course of its work in the Philippines, the World Food Programme has crossed paths with many women who have shown strength and leadership in their respective communities in order to achieve Zero Hunger. This March -- Women's Month -- be inspired by their stories.

4 March 2015

Niger: School Meals Help Girls Reach Their Full Potential

WFP's school meals programme helps girls stay in school and pursue an education as well as break the cycle of malnutrition.  

4 March 2015

FamilyChef: Kabsa

Welcome to the World Food Programme's (WFP) new recipe series. Explore the culinary treasures and cooking abilities of refugees who benefit from WFP's cash and vouchers, an initiative that allows individuals to buy the food they need to cook their traditional dishes

3 March 2015

Three Things WFP Will Be Doing At The World Conference On Disaster Risk Reduction

The 3rd World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction (14th-18th March, Sendai, Japan) will establish a new global framework on disaster risk reduction, and will shape government and donor priorities and funding for the next decade. It is the first step in the building that countries are trying to erect to ensure sustainable development and prosperity for the coming generations. WFP will help ensure outcomes and commitments focus on eradicating hunger.


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