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Aid professionals
3 December 2012

Why WFP Has Recruited A Weather Forecaster

For WFP, working in numerous places where the weather can be a challenge, having accurate information about what to expect means  staff can plan operations better. It can save time, money and even lives. That’s why WFP has just recruited Emily Niebuhr, an expert in “extreme weather”.

Preventing Hunger
29 November 2012

WFP Marks 10 Years On Front Lines Against AIDS

World AIDS Day on December 1 marks ten years since WFP began providing specialised nutritional assistance to people suffering from the HIV virus. Ensuring that patients get the right nutrition and don’t have to choose between treatment and food is critical to winning the fight against the disease.

27 November 2012

Liberia: HIV Mother Puts Pain Aside And Works To Help Community

Learning that she was HIV+ and that her husband had hidden the truth of his condition from her was a double shock for Florence, who lives in Liberia’s capital Monrovia. But with support from WFP, she has turned her life around and is hopeful about her family’s future.

Responding to Emergencies
27 November 2012

WFP Food Brings Lifeline to Thousands Fleeing Unrest in Eastern DRC

In eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, thousands of people are on the move, balancing their belongings on their heads or on chukudus, the local wooden scooters. They pack the roads of North and South Kivu, fleeing the newest wave of violence spreading across the region. WFP is working around the clock to ensure the most destitute have enough to eat.

23 November 2012

Patchy Rains In Malawi Bring Harvests To Some, Hunger To Many

Drought in parts of Malawi spelled disaster for farmers like Saukila who live from harvest to harvest, surviving on what they can grow. Fortunately other areas of the country were spared, leaving a surplus that WFP and its partners are using to assist communities hit by the drought.

23 November 2012

Blocked By Snow, WFP Staffer Sees Why Weather Is Challenge In Afghanistan

Northern Afghanistan is a tough place to work at the best of times, but it becomes especially difficult during the winter when heavy snows make roads impassable. WFP’s Silke Buhr found that out for herself when a sudden snow storm forced her and her colleagues to turn back while on a road journey to the remote province of Shinghnan.

Aid professionals
21 November 2012

E-Consultation To Shape Fight Against Hunger After 2015

As the target date nears for the Millennium Development Goals, the UN food agencies and their partners want to hear from you on how best to tackle hunger and malnutrition after 2015. For the next four weeks, an online e-Consultation will allow practitioners and supporters alike the chance to weigh in on the future of the fight to end hunger.

20 November 2012

WFP Starts Food Distributions For Families In Gaza

In the face of ongoing conflict in Gaza, WFP is pressing ahead with food distributions to ensure that families in the embattled territory don’t go hungry. WFP is monitoring the situation carefully and stands ready to provide additional assistance should humanitarian needs increase.

20 November 2012

How Nutrition Feeds A Healthy Childhood

Nutrition plays a fundamental role in the life of every child. Without it, children cannot grow up to reach their full potential and face health risks like stunting that haunt them for the rest of their lives. On Universal Children's Day (November 20) we talked to Anna Horner, a nutritionist in West Africa, about WFP's work ensuring that kids get the nutrition they need.

Responding to Emergencies
16 November 2012

Tweets From The Humanitarian Crisis In DR Congo

A week before armed groups seized the city of Goma in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, Web Editor Martin Penner visited the region to see how WFP is helping some two million people who'd fled their homes to escape the fighting. His tweets help to illustrate how those operations work and why it's so important for them to resume as soon as the security situation allows.


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