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Focus on Women
27 July 2010

DRC: "WFP Will Help Displaced Restart Lives"

After 18 months in camps, many of the families displaced by conflict in Eastern Congo are keen to go home and restart their lives. WFP Executive Director Josette recently visited Katsiru in North Kivu and found that, while some are held back by fears over security, others are taking the risk. In either case, WFP is helping.

26 July 2010

Uganda: WFP Doubles Food Bought In Millennium Village

WFP Executive Director Josette Sheeran promised during a visit to the village of Ruhiira to double the amount of food that WFP buys from local women farmers. The beans produced in this southern village -- part of the Millennium Village Project -- go to feed hungry children in the north.

23 July 2010

New Food Plant Pays Nutritional Dividends In Timor-Leste

Timor-Leste's first ever food processing plant is now turning out blended foods tailored to the nutritional needs of the poor Southeast Asian nation.  The new plant, set up with crucial input from WFP, will cut the cost of distributing fortified foods, create jobs and provide a market for small farmers.

WFP Ambassadors
22 July 2010

Hunger Ambassador McGovern Skydives To Raise Awareness

On his 88th birthday, former US Senator and presidential candidate George McGovern completed a skydive to raise awareness about hunger. The 18,000-foot jump, the first ever for the former US Air Force pilot, was recorded on video by the Skydive Space Center in Florida.

21 July 2010

Egypt Bakes Nutrition Into Daily Bread

Baladi bread is the backbone of the Egyptian diet. Cheap, filling and ingrained into Egypt’s culture, it’s also the only food most poor Egyptians can afford. That’s why WFP and partners are enriching it with micronutrients to bring proper nutrition into the homes over 50 million people. Watch video

20 July 2010

Expanded Niger Op Targets Malnourished Under Twos

WFP is building its expanded operation in Niger around the need to reach malnourished under twos in the areas worst hit by the recent drought. Getting special nutritious food to these million children is part of a general scale-up which aims to feed 8 million people over the next six months.

Fight Against HIV/AIDS
19 July 2010

The Vital Ingredient for People Living with HIV: Good Nutrition

The world is making huge strides in the fight against HIV/AIDS through prevention and anti-retroviral drugs. However recent studies have shown that drugs alone cannot keep the virus at bay without proper nutrition. In this joint article, WFP Executive Director Josette Sheeran and UNAIDS Executive Director Michel Sidibé explain why.

Fight Against HIV/AIDS
19 July 2010

Zambia: HIV-Positive Mother Finds Food Aid Makes A Difference

Mary Mweetwa thought the future looked grim for her kids when she tested positive for HIV last year. But she has found that with food assistance and treatment she can in fact carry on looking after her family. WFP will highlight the importance of nutrition at the AIDS 2010 conference in Vienna this week. Read news release

16 July 2010

Report: Latin America Should Focus On Child Nutrition

Central American governments are doing a good job of strengthening their social safety nets, but need to sharpen their focus on child nutrition, a new study by WFP reported this month. Here is a breakdown of the study's findings and recommendations.

13 July 2010

Peru: Chicken-Blood Cookbook Stamps Out Anaemia

Traditional Peruvian cooking has turned out a secret weapon in the fight against anaemia: chicken blood. High in iron and low on cost, “sangrecita” is the key ingredient of many of Peru’s favourite dishes. WFP has published over 40 in an anti-anaemia cookbook with recipes from local mothers and world renowned chefs.


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