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A Billion for a Billion
18 June 2010

Canadian High School Raises $72,000 For Fight Against Hunger

A fundraiser by students at WP Wagner High School in Edmonton, Canada has brought in enough money to provide 1,440 children with nutritious school meals for an entire year. Their 24-hour Bike-A-Thon saw over 800 kids cycle through the night to beat hunger.

16 June 2010

"Coming To Uganda Changed My Life," Says WFP Staffer

A native of Sierra Leone, Bai was no stranger to poverty and hunger before coming to Uganda in 2005. But after driving 300 km from the capital to his duty station in the north, where the LRA militia group was terrorizing the local population, he realized that his life would never be the same.

15 June 2010

Haiti: Homes For Quake Homeless Come From Sky

Brienne Charles and her neighbours lost their homes when the January earthquake ripped through their remote mountain village. Now they’re getting new ones thanks to a Chilean NGO and WFP’s knack for reaching people in even the hardest-to-reach locations. Watch the clip

Responding to Emergencies
9 June 2010

Guatemala: Tropical Storm Agatha Leaves Trail Of Hunger

Thousands of families lost their homes last month when Tropical Storm Agatha struck Central America and unleashed a rash of floods. Farmers Ambrosio Lopez and his wife Lorena Gonzalez are among those now threatened with hunger. WFP is currently assisting over 50,000 in Guatemala in the wake of the disaster.
Food For Assets
9 June 2010

Haiti: Food Assistance Rebuilds Lives

As Haiti raises itself from the rubble of the January earthquake, WFP is helping survivors start again by giving them cash and food in return for work to rebuild the country. Johnny, who lost his family, and Florence, who dreams of starting a business, are among those reclaiming their lives. Watch the clip

Preventing Hunger
8 June 2010

USAID Says WFP Positioned To Build Sustainable Food Systems

WFP’s “operational prowess” and weighty “procurement footprint” – almost a billion dollars spent buying food last year – position it to lead the way in creating food systems that over time will eliminate the need for humanitarian food aid, USAID Administrator Rajiv Shah said on Monday.

Preventing Hunger
8 June 2010

EU Commissioner Says Aid Community Needs To Be Smarter Than Ever

With disasters on the increase and humanitarian funding facing severe constraints, it is increasingly important for the humanitarian community to work together to make every penny count,  EU Commissioner Kristalina Georgieva told WFP’s executive board on Monday.

A Billion for a Billion
7 June 2010

150,000 People Join Fight Against Hunger With 'Walk The World'

Tens of thousands of people on Sunday took to the streets in cities across the globe to “Walk The World” in show of their support for WFP and the fight against hunger. Events from Calgary to Calcutta raised enough money to provide 10,000 children with nutritious school meals. See photos

A Billion for a Billion
6 June 2010

WFP Supporters 'Walk The World' To Fight Hunger

Tens of thousands of people across the globe joined WFP and its major corporate partners, TNT, Unilever and DSM last weekend in a walk to raise awareness and money to feed hungry school children. The event, now in its eighth year, took place in 70 countries. Get updates

2 June 2010

"We Can Make Malnutrition History," WFP Head Says

Leading experts on nutrition, gathered in a world-famous museum in the heart of Rome, heard that the world was now at a tipping point where it had the scientific understanding and know-how to come together to make malnutrition history.


Fighting Hunger Worldwide